Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

March 2009

1. Minutes of January and February 2009 were reviewed and approved.

2. Financial report was reviewed – there was several senior club members added as signing officials for the saving/checking accounts.

3. All members were reminded that membership dues are due, $15 per year. It was also noted that life members (Jack, Danny, George Stokes, and Josh) are not required to pay the yearly dues.

4. Ephriam Dickson gave an update on the Ambulance project. Carl Smith is unable to support the project at this time – so the museum is looking for donations to pay for the restoration. It was noted that Carl Smith did make a donation towards the June 6 D-Day celebration hosted by Ft Douglas.

5. George and Bill gave an update on the Lodi Trip. If you want something purchased or sold at Lodi, get a hold of them and you can make arrangements with them directly. There was also mention of selling club items (t-shirts, magnets, etc) at Lodi. George/Bill will work on that.

6. The club camp out is set for May 15, 16 and 17. See Harley for details.

7. MVPA Convoy is still scheduled to arrive in Murray on July 1. If you want to help out while the convoy is here – please get a hold of either Mike, Greg or Chip.

8. Bill (Sr) gave an update on the Idaho MVPC Show. See him for details if you want to attend.

9. Bill (Sr) gave out UMVC membership packets. Included in the packet was business cards, and membership forms. If you would like one, get with Bill.

10. An update was given on Danny and Jacks health issues. Both are still working on getting better.

11. Buck will be working on updating membership contact information and making sure the information matchs the web site information.

12. Club officers were discussed. It was suggested that Buck (Finance) and Bob B (Vice President) both be extended for two years. All voted in favor of the extension.

13. It was discussed about holding the May Club meeting at the military model manufacture company ( The owner (and club member) Loic offered tours, etc. All seemed supportive of the idea and more information will follow.

14. Information about Josh’s tank project was passed on. The paint job wasn’t up to par and because of the amount of time and effort already spent on it, that wasn’t acceptable. Josh had to have the tank re-sandblasted and will have a new paint job put on it. During the moving of the tank, the cable that was being used broke, and the tank slid off the tow truck, damaging over $4000 worth of equipment in his shop. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the tow truck company insurance will cover the damage. He is still shooting for a July 1st completion date.

15. Several members asked about bringing club supplies to meeting (hats, t-shirts, etc) so members can purchase them. Bill (jr) will be working on that.

16. Several members asked to have a class on how to use the Web site. Mike will bring a computer and projector and provide training at the next meeting.

17. The next club meeting will be held at Ft Douglas MILITARY MUSEUM (32 Potter Street, Salt Lake City) on Thursday, April 30th at 7pm.