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July 2018

The July meeting was called to order at 1912 Hrs. by Club President Jim Zocchi.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a welcome to all attending members and guests.

Jim thanked Lucy and Clyde Hinderliter (who were in attendance) for their great presentation at the last meeting on identity theft and how to prevent it.

Bruce Morgan thanked the Club and all who donated money to the Jessop family. It was very appreciated and needed.

George Spargen reported that the Provo, UT, July 4th Freedom Fest Military Outpost event, organized by Club member Vernon Stout, was larger than last year and was a success. Kids and adults loved it. Club member George Spargen brought his M38 and M151, Layne Schoenfeld brought his halftrack, Layne’s brother Ed brought his newly restored 1 1/2 ton, Harley Jacobs had his M38, Fast Attack vehicle and his M35, Greg Brubaker brought his MB Jeep, Dave Vuyk brought his WC52, Wade Knapp brought his M38 Jeep, Vernon and Wade Stout had many of their MVs on hand and Jim Zocchi brought himself. There were a total of forty-eight vehicles in attendance. All-in-all the Club had a great showing. No blanks or oxi-propane guns could be fired as last year there were so many 911 calls reporting a shooter at the parade. Only one Jeep broke down (not belonging to a Club member).

Thanks to the Freedom Fest committee and Vernon Stout for keeping all of the MVs together during the parade. The Military Outpost was very well attended by the public with about 4000 dog-tags being made. Just adjacent to the Outpost were Revolutionary War reenactors with their encampment. The Utah Military History Group was also in attendance with their encampment and displays. Organizing the event was a huge job for Vernon. Perhaps next year some of the Club members could volunteer to help him out. Maybe the UMVC could have a small table with Club information on it to handout to the public. The Outpost event provides more public military vehicle exposure than any other event in Utah.

The topic was discussed on how to get more people involved the our Club. Suggestions included having a small banner for parades with the Club’s name and logo on it. The banner would be on the first vehicle of the group. At one time, the Club had a generic metal sign made up that members could buy. The sign was painted in OD and had places for vehicle data to be entered such as the make of the vehicle, date and type of vehicle, etc. The sign would be placed in front of the vehicle when on display. At some events Club members don’t stay close to their vehicles to answer questions. Harley Jacobs suggested that at each meeting the agenda include an item on how to recruit new members.

The Club also had a good turn out for the Fort Douglas Day event which also included a BBQ and campout the night before. Members present discussed ways to have the event better attended by the public. Suggestions were to see if the Guard would also bring in vehicles, do more public service announcements, and get the press involved. The event has great potential and should be better publicized.

Jim Zocchi reported that the Hill AFB air show, “Warriors Over Utah” held on 23rd and 24th of June was well attended by the public. However, the only Club members to participate were he and Greg Brubaker.

The only show on the calendar for August is the Military Appreciation Day event at the Fremont Indian State Park. See the newsletter calendar for more info.

Museum report: Beau Burgess, Curator of the Fort Douglas Museum reported that things are changing at the Museum. Last month, The Director of the Museum, Tim Morris, left his position. Things keep moving forward. Beau is not only the Curator but is also the acting Director of the facility for the present. The Guard is conducting a replacement search for the position. On 18 August, The Museum will have it’s annual meeting which will include dinner and a program by Frank “Fuzzy” Furr on his involvement in the U2 spy plane program. About a year ago Fuzzy spoke at one of the Club’s meetings. You don’t need to be a Museum member to attend. The cost for dinner and the program is $30.00 per person. Club member Reuel Ipson discussed how to get a stubborn, rusted bolt loose. No need to use PB Blaster, instead use a candle. Reuel explained that if you heat the nut up to cherry red and press a candle next to the threaded part, as the bolt cools and the candle melts, the wax is wicked up inside of the threads and the bolt can be removed with a wrench. Thanks Reuel for the tip.

The meeting was adjourned at 2030 Hrs.