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October 2018

The meeting was called to order by Club President Jim Zocchi at 7:20 PM.It was delayed originally because the museum was locked, but when Beau showed up the membership continued to converse on the porch instead of entering the building. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by our president. The attendance was small for this meeting, only ten people showed up.

Jim passed around a signup sheet for the upcoming swap meet and BBQ scheduled for20 October. Only two members indicated they would be coming and it was discussed to cancel the event if participation by the membership did not improve following the October newsletter printing . RSVP to Jim Zocchi at 801-941-1451. Later in the meeting the topic of leaving the BBQ at the museum was brought up. Beau Burgess confirmed that it is on the Museum’s calendar, if we so desire.

Two checks were discussed that were written in 2017 from the Club’s checking account. It was finally agreed that the purpose of the checks were for steaks at last years BBQ and a donation to a family in-need.

Next, Jim Zocchi appealed to the membership to volunteer for a presentation at any of monthly meetings.This is a very important aspect of our gathering and anyone with knowledge beneficial to the membership is encouraged to share. Time is always available at the end of meetings. Articles for the newsletter are also requested.If you have something of interest present it to Pete Park ( for inclusion in our paper.Also, if you are a writer, the membership would love to hear from you. Pictures are always welcome.

The annual Club Christmas dinner was discussed. It will again be held at the Gray Cliff Lodge, on December 1st at 6 PM. The menu and charges will be provided in the newsletter.

George Spargen reported on his trip last week to Lodi, California for the MVCC’s fall swap meet. He passed around a handout for the camp ground under consideration for next spring’s gathering.It is considered one of the finest camp grounds in California. His trailer was a lot lighter on the return trip to Utah which meant that he did very well at the event.

The final subject discussed at the meeting was the Veterans Day parades in Layton and Magna. It was thought best to choose one for all our membership to participate in.Magna is closer and will be held on Sunday November 11th so it is preferred. Information forsign up can be found online at Magna City web site. The Layton show is being held on Saturday the 10th if members want to attend there as well.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 20:10.