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December 2018

In leu of minutes, here is the Presidents report:

Another year has passed and as usual in January we look forward to monthly meetings, presentations, and spring, summer and fall events. Also as a reminder, annual Club dues are due at our January meeting.

Thanks to all who attended the annual Christmas party held at the Gray Cliff Lodge. Some interesting gifts were given during the gift exchange. Jerald Jacobs presented everyone the DVD “War Torn. The Story of Lynn “Dobie” Gillies” a film about the first mayor of Fairfield, Utah, his service in Vietnam and his battle with PTSD. An excellent documentary on how one Vet got help through the VA and learned to cope with his demons of war. The film can be viewed on YouTube. Thanks Jerald for your gift to all of us.

Several Club goals for this year include soliciting new members, providing the membership and friends with Club merchandise, (i.e. ways to get the Club’s name into the public’s eye), discovering new presentations for Club meetings and strengthening Club participation in shows and parades. Ideas for merchandise include club logoed decals for windshields, vehicle data signs (for when vehicles are on display at shows), and license plate frames with the Club’s logo on them. Club Quartermaster, Layne Schoenfeld, may be able to help. If you have ideas, we are always open to suggestions.

Check out the Club calendar in this newsletter. We continue to receive requests for Club participation throughout the year however, some events are farther away than most members are willing to transport their vehicles, from a cost and time standpoint. We continue to update the calendar on a monthly basis. Last year, the annual mid-June Fort Douglas Day event was well attended by Club members. The campout held on the Friday before the event was fun. This year the Museum will publicize the event and get the media and public more involved.