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January 2019

Presidents welcome and acknowledge of visitors and new members. Sign-In. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by president Jim Zocchi. After the welcome Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.

Club business: Dave Barber has moved to Las Vegas to be with his wife who took a new job. This prompted a thank you to Dave who has served as Club secretary for many years. Pete Park then nominated Dave Vuyk to be the new secretary. Zane Larsen seconded the motion. The grumbles from the nominee were in affirmative and the motion passed. Treasurers report: The Club took in enough 2019 dues before the start of the meeting to cover the annual October steak fry activity. It was suggested that the Club consider funding part of the meal costs at the annual Fort Douglas Day event. Last year, there was a Friday night dinner (campout), breakfast and lunch for members who brought vehicles.

General topics: Club merchandise: A discussion continued on a data sign for vehicles when at shows, a t-shirt run and license plate holders. Stickers with the club logo were also a possible item. Interest showed that members would like to have all of the above. Jim Zocchi will contact Layne Schoenfeld to see where he had the last run of T shirts made and will also contact Salt Lake Stamp for pricing on stickers, etc.

Wendover 2019 Air Show: Jim Peterson representing the Historic Wendover Airfield shared information on the up coming air show to be held on Saturday, 28 September. People will be able to bring vehicles on Friday with security being provided. Friday is reserved for plane rides and tours of the base. Jim reported that at this year’s event, they plan to have twice as many aerial performers. They will also have re-enactors from Arizona. He explained that the event will now be held every other year so as not to conflict with the air show held at Hill AFB. This year at the Wendover event, there will be an effort to make the military vehicle displays more cohesive. A plaque will be given to each owner thanking them for their participation. Jim suggested that someone from the Club coordinate the event with members. Ed Smith volunteered to help out. Jim continued to say that there may be some funding for hotel rooms in Wendover. Dave Vuyk suggested that invitations be sent out to other surrounding MV clubs. Everyone thanked Jim for his information and for attending the meeting.

D Day 2019: Jim Zocchi shared information about this year’s D Day celebration to be held in Normandy, France. There will be a re-enactor tent compound located near Omaha Beach. Space in the compound is very limited. Airfare to Paris is about $1300.00 per person. For more information contact Jim.

Fort Douglas Museum Report: Beau Burgess, the Museum Director and Curator, discussed the museum’s upcoming calendar events. February will have a sweetheart’s exhibit followed by a March Women’s exhibit. Fort Douglas Day will most likely be held on the 2nd Saturday in June. The club needs to determine the date for the October barbeque and swap meet. There also may be a May tour of the remaining vehicles in Karl Smith’s Tooele, Utah, WW2 museum. Jim Zocchi shared information about Beau’s appearance on a television show spotlighting the museum.

Upcoming Events: George Spargen reported that this years Military Vehicle Collectors Club of California (MVCC) swap meet will be held in Plymouth, CA and should be very well attended. Most RV spaces are gone. On 29-31 March there will be an air show in Mesa, AZ.

Meeting Adjourned: Harley Jacobs moved to adjourn the meeting. Ed Smith seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.