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February 2019

The meeting was called to order at 1910 by President Jim Zocchi. After welcoming people in attendance to the meeting, Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Thirteen people were present.

Club business: The Group discussed the passing of George Stokes. George was a longtime member of the Club. Bruce Morgan moved that the Club donate $150 dollars to the family. George Spargen reviewed past donations. The Club had donated $250 dollars to a previous family. The amount was changed to $250 dollars. Greg Brubaker seconded the motion and all were in favor. George Spargen indicated he would deliver the check to the family. He also has several radios that he will sell on behalf of the Stokes family. It was reported that the Idaho Motor Pool Museum auction seemed to go well. Several UMVC members bid on items but none were won.

Club merchandise: A discussion regarding the 3” x 3” Club logoed stickers followed. Jim Zocchi shared information that the stickers should not be added to license plates. There is also interest in a magnetic version of the sticker. Club member Layne Schoenfeld will be contacted on the status of Club shirts and other items that he has in inventory. Discussions followed on whether the Club should front money for t-shirts for members and sell at events.

Fort Douglas Report: Fort Douglas Museum Curator, Beau Burges reported on upcoming events at the Museum. It looks like Fort Douglas Day will either be held on Saturday June 8th or Saturday June 15th. There will be a campout on the Friday before. Beau also provided all in attendance with flyers of upcoming events and a copy of Valor magazine. Jim Zocchi asked Beau to share some of the Museum’s artifacts with the group. April or May would be the best for Beau. Beau lead a tour of the Museum after the meeting. The idea of a meeting presentation on military radios was discussed. George Spargen reported on upcoming western states swap meets and shows to include an air show in Mesa AZ and the MVCC’s (Military Vehicle Collectors) Plymouth, CA huge swap meet. George will be attending both and will have booths to sell his wares.

General topics: Greg Brubaker shared information on a video of the Ogden area during World War II. He will also let members know if there will be a spring vehicle roll out. Pete also asked if anyone would like to have a Club roll out. There were several discussions on movies that are no longer available due to public perception or not necessarily politically correct.

Adjourn: Ed Smith moved to adjourn the meeting. George Spargen seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 2022 Hrs.