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April 2009

1. The meeting was held that the new wing of the Ft Douglas Museum and club member and museum curator, Ephriam Dickson, was thanked for allowing the club to use the facility.

2. Ephriam also gave an update of the museum status, use of the facility by the club and encourage everyone to visit the new exhibits.

3. Pledge of Allegiance was given by Bill Abbott jr.

4. March minutes were reviewed and approved

5. A financial update was given by Buck. Several members still need to pay their 09 dues. A friendly reminder will be given out and just incase you forgot – dues are $15 per year.

6. A news letter update was given. If you would like training on how to use the web site, how to post photos, etc, please get with Mike. If you just want photos posted, get the photos/information to Mike and he will post them for you. It was noted that several club members who do not have access to the internet might not be receiving the news letter since it can only be found there. Mike will be working on getting out a hard copy to those limited members.

7. Bill Jr gave an update on the Ambulance project. The engine is pulled out and the project is still moving forward. It was suggested that “information cards” about the project be made and available to be handed out. They could be used to generate funds to help pay for the project to be completed. Bill and Ephriam will be working on that.

8. George gave a “Lodi Low Down” on what happened during the trip. Several members attended the event. It was reported that food at the Winnamocka mid-point stop wasn’t as good as it has been in the past. During the time at Lodi, the chief chef, Bill Sr, provided several excellent meals throughout the week.

9. Harley briefed on the May Pony Express Trail trip. The dates are May 15, 16 and 17th. A map will be provided upon request to individuals and a copy of the map will be attached to the main page of the web site. Contact Harley directly at 801-360-5188 for details. Note: The camp site is in the same vicinity as last year’s outing approximately four (4) miles west of Look Out Pass.

10. The Idaho MVPC Show and Swap meet is still on. There is no cost to show up, but those who want to sell something or stay at the meet, there is a minimal cost. See Bill Sr for details.

11. George and Jerry briefed that there will be a Summer Camp out – Aug 21st and 22nd – more information to come as time gets closer.

12. It is Parade season again – several Independence day activities, car shows, etc are coming. See the web site for details on dates, times, and locations.

13. Buck and Mike are working on updating membership rosters. Please take time to review your information and fix as needed.

14. Bill Jr is now bringing club supplies (t-shirts, hats, etc) to all club meeting. If you would like an item, please get with him.

15. Ray briefed members that the Stadium of Fire events team approached him about having club members participate in a “re-enactor” activities. See Ray for details if interested.

16. Membership packets are available to be handed out – see Bill Sr for a packet.

17. A question was raised about the clubs 501 ( c) and incorporation status. Harley will be checking into it.

18. Several members talked about creating a monthly calendar with members vehicles highlighted on each month. The calendar would be used as a possible fund raiser. Greg will be checking into it.

19. Greg briefed that the Utah Commemorative Air Force will have several WWII planes including a B17 & B24 here in Utah in June. It is possible that members will have an photo opportunity to get pictures of their vehicles and the planes together. See Greg for details.

20. It was asked if the web site could sponsor some type of page where members could post items for sale. It was made clear that if it was possible, the page would only be an information page and actual purchasing of items would be a private matter. Mike will be checking into it.

21. Ephriam offered the museum as a meeting site during the summer months.

22. Bruce wanted to pass on that he recived a request from Jason Rusch ( who is putting on a Memorial Day Observance at the Weber County Library in Ogden. Mr Rusch is requesting some vintage military vehicles or other small display items, rifles, pistols, etc. Specifically, Mr Rusch is asking for help on Thursday, May 21. If you can assist, please contact Mr Rusch directly.

23. The next meeting will be held back at Danny’s place on May 28, 7pm.