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July 2019

After a brief medical emergency, the meeting was called to order at 19:18 by Jim Zocchi. Jim welcomed everyone in attendance and led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of People and visitors: A new member, Mike Anderson joined the Club. Mike paid his dues. He has a GPW that was handed down to him from a family member. Dave Vyke will send Mike’s information to Pete Park so that the Club roster can be updated and to make sure that Mike receives newsletters and Club correspondence.

Club business:

Treasurers report: Not made as the Treasurer was out of town.

Club merchandise: Pending a report from Pete Park who was not in attendance.

Meeting topics:

Future meeting topics are always appreciated. Bruce Morgan talked about perhaps doing a demonstration on carbonators. Jim Zocchi reported that he will contact his friend who was a WW2 radio operator aboard a B-17 to see if the veteran will do a presentation at the next meeting.

Club discussions: Greg Brubaker commented about the necessity of oil additives for Military vehicles. This came after Dave Vuyk asked about zinc additives. As per Greg, Summit Racing has an oil that is referred to as “Hot Rod Oil” that can be used in older military vehicles. Greg also uses a mixture of 20% 100 octane, low lead aviation gas and 80% ethanol free gas in his Jeep. July 4th parade reports: Five Club members participated in the Freedom Fest Parade that was held in Provo on July 4th. The parade entry was sponsored by Vernon Stout. Many thanks goes out to Vernon. Vernon also provided a DUKW for the Provo Stadium of Fire event. Veterans, other dignitaries and reenactors road into the crowed BYU stadium in the DUKW at the beginning of the event. Everyone loved it.

July 24th parade: Greg Brubaker and Dave Vuyk carried veterans in their vehicles for the “Days of 47,” July 24th Parade. The parade is very popular and is held in down town Salt Lake City. The event was sponsored by the “Honor Flight.”

Upcoming events: Dave Vuyk reported that the Club was invited to be in the Bluffdale Parade on August 10th.

September 28th will be the Historic Wendover air show. The event is held every other year at the Historic Wendover Air Field in Wendover, Utah. Hopefully, we will have a good turnout for the show. Some hotel rooms will be available and RV camping will be allowed.

Fort Douglas Museum report by Museum Director, Beau Burgess.

The museum is still going through the organization process of collection items. Beau Burgess, Museum Director, reported that it is a large job. The process will catalog all the items and will help produce better displays in the future. Beau shared an interesting fact that the first POW’s of WWI were brought to Fort Douglas. The prisoners were held near where the Huntsman center sits today. There is a display coming called “behind the wire.” The F-86 fighter jet that has been displayed outside the Utah National Guard maintenance facility in Draper has been moved to the Air National Guard facility at the Salt Lake City Airport. It is undergoing conservation work.

Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 29 August