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October 2019

Exactly twenty six people showed up for the annual Club barbeque and swap meet held on Saturday, 12 October at the Fort Douglas Museum. The attendance was easy to tally as Club President, Jim Zocchi only bought twenty-sixsteaks and all were gone. No one missed out on a single T-bone. Once again, the Museum’s back lot exhibit area was put to good use with Vietnam era helos and heavy armor/artillery from many periods of military history as a back drop.

George Spargen brought his usual “for sale” array of vintage uniforms, ammo boxes, WW2 note pads and WW1 volumes on “Provisional Drill and Service Regulations for Field Artillery (Horse and Light).” Bruce Morgan unloaded a number of military history books and Bob Boettcher brought an assortment of other goodies. The steaks were grilled to everyone’s specs. From still-flopping-on-the-grill to Carbon 12 look- a-likes. Side dishes were plentiful and delicious. From green Jell-O to a wide variety of potato products. Many thanks go out to Jim Zocchi for researching and buying the steaks, and thanks to all who pitched in to set the Museum’s exhibit hall up and to those who brought all of the “Pot Luck” side dishes. Of course. thanks to Beau Burgess and the Museum staff for providing the space for our annual event.