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January 2020

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1914 hrs. by Club President, Jim Zocchi. There were seventeen people present. After the welcome Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.

Introduction of People and visitors: Jeff Weymouth introduced himself. Jeff has been to meetings before and has become a Club member. Wellness of members: Ed Klint reported that his father (a very long time Club member) is bed-ridden but “is still hanging in there.” The group wished him well. Ray Meldrum is in need of a kidney transplant and has one lined up for the spring. The Club also wished Ray well.

Club business: Treasurer’s report: There is no change in the Club’s bank account which has been reconciled. However, there is still one check that is still outstanding. At this meeting, many people paid their dues for the year. A discussion followed on Jeep T-84 transmissions. Greg Brubaker still has not found anyone to rebuild his 1944 MB Jeep’s transmission and consequently is looking for a rebuild. Ruel Ipson motioned that there are two types of transmissions, one with a top shift and the other with a side shift. Greg will continue his search. Hopefully, his Jeep with be fixed prior to the summer months. The discussion continued regarding past and upcoming events. Jim Zocchi reported that the Layton Veterans Day parade held this past November, was attended by Layne and Ed Schoenfeld and himself. Prior to the lineup, Ed had electrical problems with his G-506, 1 ½ ton Chevy but was able to drive the vehicle in the parade with his Ben Hur trailer in-tow. The annual Club Christmas party was fun and well attended. George Spargen reported that the Phoenix military show and swap meet had good weather and was well attended by about 2500 of the public. He and Ed Smith attended. It was well worth the drive. George also reported that the huge, MVCC swap meet will be held in Plymouth CA, from 16-18 April. He, Jim Zocchi, Ed and Layne Schoenfeld and Pete and Bonnie Park will be attending (and maybe Doc.) George still has some space in his RV for the event. The California Club will raffle off a MD Juan Jeep kit with tickets costing $5 dollars each.

Museum update: Beau Burgess, Director of the Museum reported that they are working on a master plan which includes an expansion of the facility and the continued cataloging of collections. Ed Willis is the new President of the Board of Directors. He continued to say that there is a bill in the state legislature to get the facility recognized as the official State military museum. The bill has passed the house and will now head to the Senate for ratification. Once ratified, this could mean more funding for exhibits. The date for Fort Douglas Day is still under consideration with the 13th or the 20th June as a strong possibilities. Beau will let Pete Park know when the date has been set. Hill AFB will have their air show on Saturday, 27 June.

Jim Zocchi reported that he has some early GPW taillights with glass lenses for sale. Zane Larsen also reported that he now has a heavy-duty sewing machine that will sew canvas and webbing. He is looking for clients with projects that he can help with.

Meeting topics: Topics are needed for the February and March meetings. If anyone is interested, please contact Jim.

Club merchandise: Jim suggested that if anyone is interested, tags can be made with the Club logo and include the Club members name. The tags can be worn at events. Also, there was strong interest in having magnets made with the Club’s logo printed on them.

Adjourn: George Spargen moved to adjourn the meeting. Ed Clint seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 2030 hrs.