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February 2020

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 19:06 by Jim Zocchi. After the welcome Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Fourteen people were present.

Treasures’ report: Twenty people have paid their 2020 dues The check book has been is in balance.

Club business: Harley Jacobs reported that Fran Stokes has remarried after her husbands passing. George Stokes was one of the original founding members of the UMVC. Everyone wished Fran their very best. National WWII Museum: Pete Park discussed his recent visit to the New Orleans National World War II Museum. The Museum continues to evolve with a new hotel next door and new exhibition space for military vehicles which is currently under construction. There are four large hangar type buildings with exhibits that include the Merchant Marines, the Holocaust, and the Pacific and European Theaters of operations. One area is dedicated to the U.S home front which shows what life was like in the States when the war was raging. Another shows two Jeeps in a reproduced assembly line. Probably, the most impressive were the many WWII aircraft that were suspended from ceilings especially in the U.S. Freedom Pavilion and the Boeing Center. A highly recommended trip.

George Spargen reported that he has found an wireless electronic battery disconnect switch which can be purchased on Bruce Morgan reported on his recent visit to The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum located in downtown Salt Lake. Exhibits include original hand carts that were used by the Mormon Pioneers on their trip to the Salt Lake in 1849, weapons of the time and looms that were brought along on the journey used to make fabrics. Another highly recommended visit.

Fort Douglas Museum Report: Beau Burgess, Director of Museum reported that the State Legislature approved Fort Douglas Military Museum as the official military museum of Utah. Beau continued to say that 19 and 20 June have been set for Fort Douglas Day. Friday the 19th will be the campout with the main event taking place on Saturday the 20th. The Museum will have an event on Tuesday, 17 March to commemorate General Conner’s 100th birthday. General Conner was the first commanding officer of Fort Douglas.

Events: Upcoming events were discussed. George Spargen reported that the Phoenix show was well attended and worth the drive. Upcoming, there is a swap meet in Southern CA and the Military Vehicle Collectors of California big swap meet in Plymouth, CA. The Idaho show in Fruitland will be held 11-13 June. [Update since the meeting: Both the Plymouth and the Idaho shows have been cancelled.] There will also be an air show in Heber City sponsored by the CAF.

Meeting topics: Bruce Morgan was asked to give a presentation at the March meeting on his father’s military service, flying P38s during WW2.

Adjourn: Jerald Jacobs moved to adjourn the meeting. Bruce Morgan seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 2007 hrs