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May 2009

1. Opening Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Chip

2. Minutes and Financial reports for April were reviewed and approved.

3. An upgrade was requested by the club to the web site to be able to sell items. Per Josh, that shouldn’t be a problem and Mike will be working on it. It was discussed that because of the website, if a member “Googles” their name, it will show up on the search. The only way to avoid that is to have your name removed off the website.

4. Ephriam gave an update on the Ambulance Project. Engine and drive train are out of the vehicle. The overall project is slow going, but its still moving forward. Ephriam again asked if any member would like to take home a small part of the ambulance and work on it, that would be helpful.

5. Report was given about the Pony Express Trail Camp out. Thanks was given to both Jerry and George for selecting a great site. There were 7 to 8 jeeps, a couple of duce’s and several campers. Several families attended and a great time was had by all. It was noted that although there was a “hot shower” on scene for everyone to use, no one wanted to give it a “star” rating.

6. There was discussion about several Independence Day parades. Provo (George Stokes), Murray, T-Ville and others were discussed. Most require an application to be filled out. See Bruce for more information.

7. The Idaho MVPC Show and Swap meet is still set for June 10th thru 13th. Seven spots were reserved and the trip is only five hours from Salt Lake. See Bill Sr for details if you would like to attend.

8. MVPA Convoy is still set to arrive in Murray Park on July 1st. Mike briefed members that the convoy is having concerns about crossing Dugway Proving grounds – specifically, they might run out of gas. Several options were discussed. Mike, Greg, and Chip are working on a solutions.

9. It was briefed that the club Summer Camp out is still set for Aug 21 – 23rd. No details yet on exact location.

10. It was mentioned that during the Wendover Air Show, the club is planning on taking photos of vehicles, etc. for a possible club calender. If you want to participate, be there.

11. Buck sent around a club membership roster. See him if something has changed in the last few months (address, phone numbers, emails, etc..)

12. It was briefed that the club is a 501©(7) organization per the IRS web site. Mike will be checking into the corporation status with the State of Utah.

13. Ephriam briefed that the June 20th activities at Ft Douglas were cancelled due to marketing conflicts.

14. Josh gave an update on the Hellcat Tank. He and his team are working 12 hour days, six days a week to get it ready for Independence Day. He is hopeful that it will be completed in time.

15. Buck briefed that our participation in the June 6th Hill Air Force activity was cancelled due to lack of participation by club members. He stated that we are still welcomed next year.

16. It was mentioned that the VFW in Layton is sponsoring a fund raiser activity on June 27th. See Greg for details.

17. Greg also briefed that the Commemorative Air Force is hosting an open house at the Heber Valley Airport on June 26, 27, 28. Airplane ride, etc will be made available. CAF is providing a spot for our vehicles to be displayed. See Greg for details.

18. Brad might have his M-37 up for sale. See him for details.

19. Harley has his 1940 Fire Engine up for sale. See him for details.

20. Bruce briefed that his 42 WC might be bought by an individual in Missouri. If your still interested, see him – it isn’t gone yet.

21. It was voted in the Elwood Powell (aka Woody) would be made a Life member of the club due to his services as legal council.

22. The next meeting will be held at Ft Douglas on June 25th.