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August 2020

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 1906 by Bob Boettcher. After the welcome, Club President Jimmy Zocchi led the group in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer’s Report: There has not been any change in the Club’s bank account balance.

Club business: There was a discussion as whether the October steak fry will go on with Covid concerns. The consensus is to see what another month brings. The Club tentatively set the date for the steak barbecue and swap meet for Saturday October 17th high noon. The Fort Douglas Museum’s Director, Beau Burgess will check to see if the luncheon can be held inside of the Museum.

The Southern California Military Vehicle Collector’s Club (SCMVCC) rally is scheduled for September 30th – October 4th. So far, the event is a go and will be held in Lytle Creek at the Bonita Ranch Campground (900 South Fork Road, Lytle Creek, CA). See the SCMVCC website for more information.

Discussion continued regarding Mike Haggen’s military vehicle roll-out for several WWII veterans in the Pleasant Grove, Utah area. Vehicles will meet at Ryan and Marrin’s home in Pleasant grove. The event will be also be attended by members of the Utah Military History Group. Ray Meldrum is scheduled to receive a kidney transplant September 1st and John Armstrong will be getting a knee replacement. We hope all goes well for both.

Fort Douglas Museum report: The Museum will be closed until Salt Lake City goes to code “Yellow” during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Adjournment: Jimmy Zocchi adjourned the meeting at 2015 and all were in favor.