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June 2009

1. Meeting minutes and treasury report read and approved.

2. Idaho MVPC Show and Swap Meet was discussed by George and Bill. It was suggested that more publicity on the show needs published.

3. Hill Air Force Base Air Show was discussed. There were 4 entries but only one registered. Hill Air Show is on the schedule for next time out.

4. Bill Abbot had surgery today. No Fort Douglas Ambulance project was reported on.

5. George discussed the matter of having a hard copy of our finical report sent from the bank. Buck to check on having a internet copy sent from the bank to Buck. More next month.

6. The Heber Airport/CAF show was discussed. Show is scheduled for June 26 thru 28. Greg discussed the location for air show participants

7. The Provo Freedom parade was discussed and is set for 4 Jul. See George for details

8. Veterans Day observance was discussed. More to come in following meetings.

9. MVPA Lincoln Highway convoy was discussed. Dates are July 1 and 2. The fuel problem across Dug way has been cleared and all is set for the convoy.

10. BBQ/Swap meet is set for 17 Oct. This will be our meeting date.

11. The Wendover Air Show, and Club display has been set for 26 Sep. Calendar pictures shoot will be taken for our new calendar.

12. The fall campout was discussed George and Jerry have set the date to Aug 14 thru 16. More to come. Hardware Ranch is the Location of the camp out.

13. We had three guests at the meeting: Benjamin Johnson, Jim Squire and Sam Fidler

14. Our next meeting will be at 30 July at Loic Greatmodles, 8385 South Allen Street Near Sandy Parkway. Just of I-15 at 7pm.