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February 2021

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1905 hrs. by Club President Jim Zocchi. After the welcome, Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. As there was no flag present, one of the members produced a small arm patch with a flag.

Introduction of members and visitors: Mike Haggen was introduced and welcomed to the Club. Mike has been involved with the MV community for many years and has attended events with his WW2 Jeep. This last fall, he organized a parade in Orem, UT of military vehicles that passed by the homes of WW2 Veterans.

Treasurer’s report: Eleven people have paid their dues. The checks and cash have been deposited into the Club’s checking account. No other activity in the account has been present. Discussion continued regarding ways to use the Club’s money. Suggestions included suspending the payment of dues, reducing the dues amount, or making a donation to a museum. A recommendation was made to reimburse Pete Park for the production of the monthly newsletter by purchasing paper, stamps or printer ink. Buying liability insurance for the Club was also discussed. Last year a policy was secured through the MVPA however, this year the MVPA program has been discontinued and is not available.

Events schedule: According to George Spargen, the March 18th – 21st Parker, AZ campout and swap meet is still on. He and Ed Smith are planning to attend. The event will be located in the La Paz County Park, 7350 Riverside Drive in Parker. He continued to say that the spring Military Vehicle Collectors of California, Camp Plymouth campout and swap meet is still on for April 18 – May 1st. This will mark the third year that it has been held at the 49er RV Resort, located in Plymouth, CA. However, last year, the event was cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns. This spring, RV swap meet vendors will be located at the north end of the park next to the Amador County Fairgrounds where the “tent city” MVers will be camped. It should be a good show if it doesn’t again get cancelled due to Covid. Possible Club events were discussed. In the past, members have rallied for a weekend camping trip to the West Desert or to the Hardware Ranch. Possibly, doing a trail ride or a trip to the National Museum of Military Vehicles located in Dubois, Wyoming. (The Museum’s owner, Dan Starks, bought most of Karl Smith’s MV collection which he has on display.) Jim Zocchi volunteered Pete Park (not present) to contact Beau Burgess at the Fort Douglas Museum to see when (and if) they well be holding “Fort Douglas Day.”

Meeting presentation topics: More presentations are needed. George Spargen offered to discuss how to test an MV coil.

Meeting presentation: Jim Zocchi brought a number of MV parts to show the group. The parts were also accompanied by a list of where they were sourced. The history of parts i.e. NOS (new- old-stock), take-outs or new production was discussed. Jimmy talked about suppliers and his experience with each. They include Midwest Military (John Bizal, owner), MV Spares and Joes Motor Pool. He also shared experiences on getting paint out of old rattle cans. The story seems to start with the phrase “what could go wrong?”. Midwest Military has many reproduction, NOS and take-out parts that are not in their online catalog. If you need something, just give them a call (952-440-8778) and they will probably have what you are looking for. The members present thanked Jim for the information.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2035 hrs. by Club President Jim Zocchi. All were in favor