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March 2021

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1916 hrs. by Club President Jim Zocchi. After the welcome, Jim led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Eleven people were present.

Wellness of members: Jim reported Bob Boettcher’s eldest son recently passed away. All members present offered their condolences to Bob. Bob thanked all for their sympathy.

Treasurer’s report: More people have paid dues and the Club checking account has increased by $75.00.

Events schedule: According to George Spargen, the Parker, AZ campout and swap meet was fun and the first event of its kind to be held at Parker. Not many spectators were present but there were a lot of vendors. M151 parts were the hottest selling items. The weather was good until Saturday when the wind picked up. George met a lot of friends and there was an enjoyable banquet. Next year, the event may coincide with the Mesa, AZ. air show. George continued to say that the spring Military Vehicle Collectors of California, Camp Plymouth campout and swap is still on. He, Jim Zocchi and Pete and Bonnie Park will be attending. Ed and Layne Schoenfeld may attend as well. Discussion continued regarding future Club events. Planning for the annual Christmas party should begin. Pete Park reported that he has researched the possibility of using the Fort Douglas Officers Club. A room rental fee and food service would be required. The U of U’s catering is the most affordable and flexible (we could bring in outside drinks, etc.) As per Jim Zocchi, there are a few restaurants that have private rooms. Fred Bolton will explore the availability of facilities. This year, if the event is held, the consensus was that it should be held in the greater Salt Lake City area. The September Wendover Air Show is on hold due to funding and what the Covid restrictions will be. More information will be coming. The restoration of the historic airfield continues. Anyone wanting to donate can contact Jim Petersen at 801-541-8723

Other business: Regarding liability insurance for the Club, last year the Club had insurance through the MVPA (national organization). However, the MVPA insurance program has been discontinued. Other possibilities will be researched. Pete Park reported that the MVPA Club membership has been renewed.

Meeting presentation topics: People are needed to do meeting presentations. If anyone is interested, contact Jim Zocchi.

Election of Board members: Every March the Club’s Board of Directors is up for renewal. Ed Schoenfeld moved to keep the current Board in place. Ed Klint seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

Meeting presentation: Jim Zocchi continued from the last meeting, to share Jeep parts that he has purchased. Joes Motor Pool has an electronic Jeep voltage regulator that fits into a standard regulator case. The outward appearance is original but the performance is improved. Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts has a good selection of parts. Discussion continued regarding a reproduction Jeep tub that is made in India vs one made in the Philippines (MD Juan). Jim’s opinion is that the India version is much better. The members present thanked Jim for the information.

Fort Douglas Museum report: According to Beau Burgess, the Fort Douglas Day event will not be held in June and will probably be rescheduled for late August or early September. The format will be the same as in the past where there will be a camp-out on Friday and the event on Saturday. Beau is waiting for his Museum volunteers to get vaccinated against Covid and is in the process of trying to re-staff as many helpers have left. The Air Force ROTC building that was part of Fort Douglas and located to the west of the Museum is scheduled to be demolished. Beau continued to say that the Museum has good funding for interior exhibits. It was once a federal facility and is now aligned with the State. His work continues cataloging collections and the restoration of existing buildings. All present thanked Beau for his work and for allowing the Club to meet at the facility.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2025 hrs. by Club President Jim Zocchi. All were in favor.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be held on 29 April at a site to be determined. Note: Those who will be going to the MVCC Camp Plymouth Swap Meet will not be in attendance.