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June 2021

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 19:06 by Club President Jimmy Zocchi. After the welcome Jimmy led the group in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Nine people were in attendance.

Treasurer’s report: There was no change in the account balance.

George Spargen asked what should be done with past club bank records. Some are past the seven years required to hold the documents. An option was proposed to put older items in a binder and place them with other documents from the club’s history. Currently there is a filing cabinet in the Fort Douglas Museum’s basement with Club’s records. Beau Burgess will be asked if it is ok to leave the statements there. A discussion on whether to use club funds to defray the cost of the Christmas party.

Club business: George Spargen shared information about the solenoids he had installed as battery disconnects on his jeep. Some of the wires melted at the contact point when powered up so there must be a short somewhere. George Spargen reported that Club webmaster Mike Fernandez recently retired from the United States Air Force.

Events schedule: George and Doc are going to the Power Show in Wallsburg. They will give a report on the event at the next club meeting. As stated at the last meeting, the Club Steak Fry and Swap meet will be held on Saturday October 16th and the Christmas Party will be held on December 4th at the Fort Douglas Officers Club. The facility will be reserved, and caterers researched. More details to follow.

Meeting discussion topics: Jimmy shared information about working with the Arizona ground crew restoring a squadron building at the Historic Wendover Airfield. No official date has been set for a second workday however, it will probably be sometime in August. Jerald Jacobs reported that there will be an open house at the Wendover facility on July 17th.

Fort Douglas Museum report: Beau Burgess, Director of the Fort Douglas Museum reported that the interior exhibits/gift shop is expected to open in early July. He is still looking at a late August or early September date for Fort Douglas Days event. The WW2 Annex building on the property is still slated to be torn down. Bruce Morgan suggested that maybe having the World War II Magazine could do an article on the history of the building.

Adjourn: Jimmy Zocchi adjourned the meeting at 2024 hrs. and all were in favor.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on August 26th, 1900 hrs. at the Fort Douglas Museum.