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July 2021

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1902 hrs. By Club President, Jimmy Zocchi After the welcome Jimmy led the group in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of People and visitors: Visitor Walter Wood was introduced. He owns a 1942 Ford Script Jeep and is applying to the Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Treasurer’s report: There was no change in the account status compared to last month’s meeting. A notebook was brought to the meeting containing old bank statements. The book was given to Beau Burgess to store in the Clubs filing cabinet located in the Museum’s basement.

Club business/Events: Harley Jacobs reported the July 4th Provo, Freedom Fest parade was well attended. There were many MVs present, mostly supplied by Vernon Stout. Bradley Anderson attended the Military Outpost static convoy held over the July 4th weekend in Orem’s SCERA Park. He setup a large display with pictures and information from World War II. As per Ed Schoenfeld, he and his brother Layne attended the Riverton July 4th parade with Layne’s Half Track. Not many MVs were present. On July 3rd, Tooele had their parade with 9-10 vehicles participating.

On 25 – 27 June, George Spargen and Doc (with vehicles) attended the Richard Erickson “Power Show” in Wallsberg, UT. The show included a mix of antique tractors, farm equipment, classic cars, and military vehicles. The Utah Military History reenactor group was also in attendance. Campers were welcome and the event was fun. Camping was dry. Everything needed to be brought in along with vehicles. Next year, George suggested the Club incorporate the event as camp-out.

On 24 July, Mike Hagen, Greg Brubaker, David and Schyler Vuyk provided vehicles for Salt Lake City’s Days of 47 Parade. They were invited to be part of the Honor Flight entry. The Honor Flight committee had veterans to ride in each vehicle through the parade.

On 8 August, Mike Hagen, David Vuyk and Schyler Vuyk. Were invited to participate in the Utah Air National Guard Open House. The event celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Air National Guard.

Regarding the Club Christmas party, (Saturday, 12/4/21) Pete Park reported that he has the agreements for both the rental of the Fort Douglas Commander’s House and the University of Utah food service. Based on twenty-five people attending the per person cost would be around $43.00 which include a choice of steak tenderloins, roast turkey and gravy, roasted Salmon filet with lemon, capers, garlic and herbs. The price also includes a tossed green salad, green bean casserole, traditional mashed potatoes with gravy, apple cobbler and Ice water/cranberry spritzer. The service will be buffet style with setup and cleanup done by others. The Club would be responsible for the house rental of $400.00. RSVPs with payment by everyone attending will need to be made by 11/15/21 and will be coordinated by Pete Park. Everyone will be contacted by email prior for updates. Motion: George Spargen moved to use the Commander’s House and the U’s food service. Dave Vuyk seconded the motion, and all were in favor. Signup for the event will be either at the August meeting or the October Club Swap Meet and Steak Fry. For those who attend the party there will also be a gift exchange. The house will be reserved for the Club’s use only. Pete will sign the contracts and a deposit is due by the Club at the end of August.

Upcoming events include an event in SLC honoring the 80th anniversary of WW2 Pearl Harbor attack (more info to come), and the MVCC Camp Plymouth swap meet will be held from 9/7- 9/11/2021. George Spargen, Doc (Van Johnson) and Ed Smith will be going. For those who would like to attend, George has room in his truck. Bruce Morgan would like to go and will contact George. Ben Johnson, from the Utah Military History Preservation Group is going to the event and is looking for someone to bring back vehicle parts.

Harley Jacobs reported that several weekends ago, he and Gerald Jacobs attended a tour of the Wendover Airfield. Include was a tour through flight-line buildings that are the same as during WW2. Many buildings on the base have been restored. Lunch was in the Officers Mess. He suggested partnering with the Airfield on an event which would include Club members and vehicles. Jimmy Zocchi will contact Jim Peterson the Airfield Director. Jimmy also reported that there will be a building work party on 21 – 29 of August and will include the Arizona Ground Crew re-enactors helping out.

Once again, the Club Steak Fry and Swap meet has been set for Saturday, 16 October and the Club Christmas party will be held at the Fort Douglas Commander’s House on 4 December.

Fort Douglas Museum report: Beau Burgess, Director of the Museum reported that this year’s Fort Douglas Day has been cancelled. The Museum was opened last week with masks required. Hours of operation are from Noon to 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. The Museum will hold a tour of the Fort Douglas Cemetery (complete with reenactors) on the last Saturday in October and there is an exhibit (in the Museum) on the USS Salt Lake City. Another option for a Club campout would be the use of the Museum’s lower park.

General Douglas MacArthur farewell speech: Bradley Anderson stood up and recited (by memory) General Douglas MacArthur’s farewell speech as delivered to the U.S. Congress on 19 April 1951. The speech ended by saying, “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away. And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away – an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Good-bye.”

Adjournment: Club President, Jimmy Zocchi adjourned the meeting at 2024 hrs. All approved.

Next meeting: The Club next meeting will be held on Thursday, 26 August, 1900 hrs. at the Fort Douglas Museum.