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July 2009

Opening Pledge of Allegiance was given by Bruce Morgan.

The club thanked Loic and Greatmodles Company for hosting this month club meeting. Loic gave some history of the company, how he got involved in model making, etc. One interesting highlight was that Loic is a chemical engineer who made his first models using paper and cardboard as building material.

Minutes and Financial reports were deferred to the next meeting.

A closing briefing was given about the MVPA Transcontinental Motor Convoy. We had several club members participate. The MVPA TMC official thanked the club for providing box lunches.

There was several updates on 4th of July Parades. It was reported that besides providing historic military vehicles, the club is also venturing out into the Reenactment arena. The two seem to work well for the parades.

We had several club members participate in the CAF Sentimental Journey activity on July 17 and 18.

George and Jerry briefed that their sponsored camp out at Hardware Ranch is set for August 21, 22, and 23. Yes, the dates have changed. They look forward to anyone showing up. The camp will be five miles up the main dirt road from the parking lot at Hardware Ranch. The Ranch is 16 miles east of Hyrum, Utah. The Camp site will be on the right side of the dirt road. Hint: Look for camouflaged vehicles.

The Wendover Air show was discussed. The air show is a one day event to be held Saturday, September 26th. Camping in vehicles on the tarmac will be allowed Friday night. Jack Tomlin and Mike Fernandez have other details.

It was confirmed that the clubs 501c status is current and active. Also, that we are currently registered with the State of Utah as a Corporation.

Because of the Wendover Air show (and other activities), the club authorized Bill Abbott to spend $500 in club funds to purchase “stuff”. The products would include t-shirts, etc…

The Club authorized George Stokes to spend $300 in club funds to pay for breakfast and possibility lunch at the Wendover Air show.

It was briefed that Danny is doing better and is still planning on hosting the club BBQ at his place.

Due to the amount of requests for club participation in different events, it was decided that Bruce Morgan’s gift for gab would be a great fit as the clubs new “Public Affairs Officer”. It is a three year position. Congrats Bruce.

There is Parade in Midvale on Aug 8th at 10 am. If you can participate, please contact Cesar at 801-255-4466 or Ken Dance at 801-512-3137 as soon as possible.

Bruce stated that a guy in Canada would like to purchase a running WC51 or WC52. Contact Rob Donnelly at 1-226-668-0997 if you have something he might be able to purchase.

There were several visitors at the meeting. Jeff Wayman, Fran Stokes, Seth & Matt, Ben, Alan Firestone, and Brian O’Bryan.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 27th at Ft Douglas Museum.