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August 2009

1. Opening Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Brad Anderson

2. Minutes of the July 09 meeting were read and approved

3. Financial report was given by Harley. The report was approved by the membership.

4. George Spargen gave the report on the Camp out activity Aug 14 to 16. There were only three club members who participated. George did voice concern about the level of participation vs the amount of time and effort put into these activities.

5. The Wendover Air show was discussed. It was determined that the club is unable to support the request for both re-enactment and armor displays. There were several reasons discussed, but the bottom line is that Jack is in the hospital and Josh has his tank in the repair shop. We are still planning on having static display vehicles at the air show. There are five rooms available for club members to use. Contact Mike for details.

6. An update was given on the Ambulance Project. Carl Smith has offered to take on the entire restoration project.

7. Harry Wadley has asked to be excused from future meetings and activities. He has scheduling conflicts due to other commitments of his time. He will continue to pay dues and resume attendance as time allows.

8. Bill Sr gave a PX update – we are doing well and several items are sold every meeting. We also discussed purchasing t-shirts, etc… It was decided that for now, we would sell what we have before purchasing more items.

9. Ephriam Dickson updated on what is happening at the museum. He briefed that there are several publications and web sites maintained by different organizations if you want additional information. He also offered a field trip to the Bear River Tour on Sept 19th. Get with Ephriam for more details.

10. It was briefed that Jack Tomlin was in the hospital. Several days after the meeting, it was discovered that Jack is doing better and should be home in a few days. Club members voiced their support for his well being.

11. It was also briefed that Danny Shimizu is doing better and “coming along”. Club members also voiced their support for Danny.

12. VFW Post 481 (Ogden) asked the club if they would participate again in this years Ogden Parade. Several members are planning on participating. The VFW post also briefed on their formal ball that is being held on the 6th. Contact Cliff Porter for details.

13. There was several visitors at the club meeting, including a WWII Veteran.

14. Josh gave an update on his Hellcat Tank. It was briefed that there was a problem with the amount of oil in the tank which did some damage. It is being repaired and should be back in service in mid November.

15. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept 24th at Danny’s place.