Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

January 2010

Opening Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bill Abbott Jr.

Reminder was given to all members to check the web site for updates, etc… The web site address is;

All members were introduced and reacquainted with each other

Greg B (on Bucks behalf) gave the Financial Report.

It was briefed that the last club meeting, the Christmas Party, went well. About 24 members and guests were in attendance.

Club Calendars – Greg gave an update. There were some minor cost adjustments but it is still a great value. See Greg if you would like to have one.

That time again – Club dues are $15 – please get your dues paid for as soon as possible.

Club Officers – new officers would be voted on in March with a start date of April 1st. Nominations are submitted at the February meeting. Nomination committee this year is George Stokes, Bill Abbott Sr, and Layne.

Bruce Morgan gave an update on all car shows that he has been contact about.

The Draft Events calendar has been completed. See “events” tab on the web site for updates.

Standard meetings for the 2010 year will continue to be held on the last Thursday of the month, at 7pm.

Harley gave an update on Josh’s Hellcat Tank. Motor to be installed soon and his tank carrier have been ordered.

It was suggested that a “Parts and Service” list be put together for members to use. George Stokes will be collecting the information.

Funds from the Wendover Air Show will be broken down into three categories. Major, standard, and minor. Depending on what your level of participation was will determine how much you receive. You can donate the funds back to the club.

It was noted that George Stokes was on the front page of the Provo Daily Herald. The herald did a story on George’s restoration of several WWII vehicles.

Danny and Buck were reported to be under the weather and were not in attendance. The Club members send their best wishes to them for a quick recovery.

The next club meeting is set for February 25 at Ft Douglas.