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March 2010

Portions of the monies received from Wendover were donated back to club

PE campout May 2010

Minutes of Feb motion was BA and Bruce voted for acceptance of minutes

Beginning bal, deposites, and withdrawals were briefed not less the checks motion bob and Bruce approved


Ogden Museum Jason Rusch wk 801-337-2660 home 801-394-6729 Weber county library system 5568 Adams ave. Memorial day tribute program 12am – 8pm, National Guard will be bringing vehicles UMVC to bring vehicles, Army reserve to be invited this year May 27, 2010 day long event display of vehicles and other displays formal ceremony at 7pm Greg Burbaker to be contact for this event. Pleasant Valley Branch Library. Uniforms dressed in period

VFW post 1491 Nov 13 vet parade to participate 9am gathering 11am start parade Dave Rusch – Doug Larson 801-391-5932 cell Greg Burbaker point of contact and provide a list of officers of the club to them

Memorial Days Kearns 5400 so 4000 west Monday May 31 start at observation of the day 10am 11:30 Len Adams home 801-840-5215 cell801-696-72794 Nov 11 Taylorsville parade Bruce point person

June 26 Taylorsville 5400 and Redwood west down check in Bruce Morgan contact for this event

Veterans Day Parade for SLC for 3 years it has been held in Taylorsville

Bill Sr. part of the nominating committee for new officers. President Harley, Vice President for one more year Bob B, Treasure George S, Secretary Bill Jr., Editor George S, Layne Sargeant of Arms and Quartermaster, it was proposed by Bob B and seconded by Josh for approval of the officers all in attendance voted yea.

The minutes of the meeting will be forwarded to Mike, Mike to post to web site. For those who do not have e-mails about a half dozen who would need the minutes would be mailed by George. Minutes need to be out by the 10th of the month, Bill Jr. e-mail minutes to Mike to be put on the web site. Question raised about using the web site to post vehicles for sale and for information sharing on how to work on vehicles.

Mike to be given our thanks for the work he has done.

Buck has Wendover checks on the agenda disbursement given out to club members

Bill Sr. Lodi is the 17-25 of April several members attending contact Bill Sr. for more information.

Josh brought DVD to show the hellcat restoration 10 minutes long

Pony Express trail camp May 14 – 16 George and Jerry are contacts for the camp more information at April’s meeting.

Fruitland Bill Sr. contact June 9-12 we have seven spaces reserved.

George will have more information next month for July parade, what is known so far it will be Monday at 9am 5th of July

August campout George and Jerry 6-8 at same location Hardware Ranch

Ephram ambulance update it is complete and drivable, pictures for the web site, Roger did a great job on the project

Next meeting April 29th at Danny’s 7pm