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June 2010

Time: 19:00hrs Opening Pledge: Doc Johnson

Minutes from May 27, 2010 meeting read and approved

Financial report: George club currently has money and two checks have not cleared.

Items for discussion:

• Visitor Robert Kirby from News Paper Agency subject WWII jeep to be used for a child make a wish foundation Ray Meldrum and Greg Brubaker are the contacts for this event, wants this to be a big event no target date 801-568-9189 is the contact number for Ray. The uniform is taken care of.


• Contact List for club members to be done by BA Jr.

• Harley passed list around for information on club members

• Fruitland report cold and windy first few days had a good time, not as big this year not as much energy at the event this year a couple vendors did not attend. Layne, Ed, Bill, Bill Jr., Buck and the England’s attended

• Cowboy Rest youth camp in Elko 60 miles south of 775-934-9806 Steve Burrows would like a military vehicle for display for a month. Expressed an interest in buying a vehicle. This is a non domantional and non profit.

• Transitional officers Bill Jr to e-mail George to print 4-5 meeting minutes to be mailed to those who have no e-mail. Those who do have an e-mail address can find the minutes on the web site. Minutes are posted by Mike to

• George discussed the Freedom Festival Parade it will be held July 5th meeting location is Provo High School at 07:00 hrs 25 entries George will have vehicles at the parade, Doc will have vehicles in the parade, and Harley will not be able to attend this event. 11th north and University ave for start George to send map out

o Josh to have tank at the parade this year and his new tank truck 25 Scout from a disabled unit will need a ride George is taking care of the rides a map will be issued for the location, need 2 deuces for the parade

o George part of the Orem Veterans association

• Bruce July 3rd Murray, West Jordan registrations at table Taylorville day on the 26th of June 09:00 am

• Wendover Sept 25th who should be the liaison call Bill will contact Jack and get contact information firm up date Contact information Bill is the organizer BA Sr. will send information to Harley.

• Oct 16th BBQ and swap meet

• July 29th next meeting at Fort Douglas 19:00 hrs.

• Camp in August 6,7 and 8, 2010 Ogden canyon around Montie Cristo

• Aaron Rydal 14 of August mecer area Doolittle road tactical air soft supply 3300 south 355 east over night war game. Safety is a prime concern in all operations

• Vintage vehicles is 40 years old and used on a limited basis $60.00 initial cost and then $10.00 and then and application for renewal collectors insurance limited use and must be secured locked and covered insurance is cheap stated value policy that you determine. They need photos of the vehicle for records

• Clyde, Presentation Prepaid Legal services

PX Inventory: currently hats 31in 3 colors, 22 t-shirts, 5 pennants 3 patches 6 ¾ boxes of business cards club banners and magnets and still working on the other club materials

Items for sale by Members:

• Brad o M 37 o Airstream Trailer, 29 ft

• Doc o Looking for trailer

• George o PRC 77 Radio a little over $225.00 o Kit that goes with radio $60.00