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September 2010

1. Harley opens meeting at 1900 Hours, Jimmy Z leads Pledge of Allegiance (John Armstrong supplied USA flag that had been out at Jack T.’s place), Bruce (Sec.) and George Spargen (Treasurer) also seated at Front Table.

2. Roll call paper was passed around and members asked to put how many will be coming to the Steak Fry meeting on 16 Oct 10 starting at 1100 Hours. Cost to nonmembers will be $5.00 (not to Danny’s Group). It is asked that each member bring a side dish/desert. Layne will be bring the stoves, George Sp. will bring GI trays, members to bring their own silverware and cups, the Club will bring drinks, Jimmy Z. will pick the steaks the day before the meeting so it is MOST IMPORTANT the club knows how many are coming. Those coming (who have not already notified the Club) MUST NOTIFY Bruce at or call him (I have recording ability) at 801-966-2031 BEFORE 11 Oct 10. Please state your name and how many steaks you will need. This will be passed on.

3. George Spargen gave Treasury report. It was decided to donate $ in Jack Tomlin’s name to the Tooele Animal Outreach. (Bill A.& Layne proposed and seconded).

4. Danny’s Sheetrock painting project was discussed. The club members have offered to help when Danny is ready. Danny will contact Harley on date this help will be needed.

5. The Wendover Air Show was discussed and thanks given to all who showed. The “battle” was again a crowd pleaser (Josh’s M18 and flame thrower were big hits). However, the General was driven out in a captured French sedan where the troops were chastised for the rag-tagged effort. Fun was had by all. The car show had over 200 cars and the USAF & US Navy put on a show with F-16s and F-18s. There were beautiful aircraft and a view of the air show may be seen at: (thanks to Ray Meldrum). It was decided to start planning for the next Wendover Air Show at the 27 Jan 11 meeting.

6. Swap Meet at Lodi, CA report was given by George Sp. It stated by Doc that George Sp.’s sales area had the best prices, biggest size, and most good items of anybody there. (Is Doc prejudice?). Great Hot Dogs were served for Lunch every day. The show was laid back and not overly crowded.

7. Buck is in a Colorado Hospital not in good condition. Clyde H. will check on him and report back next meeting. Ben Johnson is on a mission for the LDS Church. We will try to get an address to send him his newsletter.

8. Bruce reported on the Taylorsville 11 Nov 10 (Vet.’s Day Parade, Thur) and they would like us to be there. The Parade will start at 1100 Hours (be in place by 0930 Hours + or -, from the city pool on 2700 West (south of 4700 South), and will travel to the parking lot of Taylorsville City Hall. Bruce has the forms and we are asked to have them fill out by 15 Oct 10. Bruce reminded the Taylorsville people that sometimes we are not sure if we can make it until we hit the ignition that morning. Sigh!

9. Harley mentioned the Vet.’s Day Parade on 13 Nov at 10:00 am. Greg Brubaker is point person and will have additional information at the 16 Oct meeting.

10. John Armstrong gave information on the possible sale of Jack Tomlin’s inventory. Members asked for a walk through of Jack’s Yard so they could develop a list of items that they would like to purchase. It was decided to ask the family for a walk through.

11. There being no further business, George Stokes moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Additional from your newsletter editor/secretary: BF Morgan. Greetings! Thanks to President Harley for stepping in last month. I am ready to take over now? As I am new, I will be happy to receive your help hints. Nasty, snide attacks will be met with, “If you think you could do a better job, you just might be doing it.” I will be sending by E-Mail today (5 Oct 10) to all our members who have computers connected to the Internet. For all others, I will be mailing out a hard copy. If you would rather have a hard copy, your address has changed, or you have not paid your dues (or are behind in them) and are not suppose to be getting a newsletter; PLEASE let me know! My E-mail is: and my home address is: 4411 West Twilight Drive, Kearns (SLC), UT 84118-5239. If you know someone who did not get their newsletter, PLEASE let me know at once. (Let them read yours when you are finished.) Buck P. worked very hard to get our membership list updated. I will need your help to fill his shoes. If you have a E-mail but got a hard copy, LET ME KNOW! No vehicles listed for sale. (If you have one, contact Bruce before the newsletter comes out.) My new printer only does black & white, no color. And I am still learning this silly computer so no photos yet.