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October 2010

Peple started showing up about 1100 hours (A.M.) to set up their UMVC swap meet items. Several items changed hands.

The steaks were ready about 1245 hours (P.M.) and most lit into a wonderful supply of great steaks (thanks to Jimmy Z for getting them), fine side dishes and deserts (thanks members), many on GI tarys with GI silverware (thanks to George Spargen), on very comfortable chairs and tables in a excellent building (thanks Danny S), so fun was had by all who could make it. Dirk B was there with his lovely wife and he spoke to us (one of our founding members with his WWII Jeep.

Well, sorry to slow down the fun but we had to have a meeting as well. Harley brought the UMVC meeting to order and called for (voted and approved) a shortened meeting systle. I was late and was a little behind when I got my food but the meeting went on. (Reminder to self, steaky fingers makes it very hard to take notes. The paper gets greasy and the ink skips over those sections. So I am doing my best now as I have been as sick as a dog and delayed this newsletter. Bob Boettcher made the meeting on 28 Oct 2010 and found no one. Sorry Bob but I have your e-mail now and you should not miss getting your newsletter.). Anyone know Cody Nielsen or Chris Moore ’s address? HELP!!!

A report was given on the Wendover Air Show (again I missed due to sickness) but appears all had a great time. The crowd did not notice some missteps and the few members who could not make it. Money for people who worked for the Air Show is in the bank and will be handed out as clains are made and approved by our leadership. See George Spargen.

Extra steaks were sold off but poor Caesar could not make it so Bruce M (and wife Karen) ran them over with a side and dessert for him and his lady.

New people were welcomed and the list of club members was tried to be up dated. If you are getting this by mail (hard copy) and want it by E-mail, please tell Bruce and do not refuse to accept it.

Bruce was reprimanded for being so cheap to reuse envelopes and paper for the hard copies so he got new paper and money for stamps and new envelopes.

A payment of $ was approved to the Maric Wicks (Animal Care people of Tooele) in Jack Tomlin’s name. These people have been very kind in rounding up some of Jack’s animals (want to buy a peacock, mister?).

There was much talk about the first trip to Jack’s place. I got out of a almost healed bed (mistake) and made the trip. We spent time in Jack’s South yard, North yard, and looked in his sheds to drool over his vehicles (some which are already spoken for). This was the next day on Sunday, 17 Oct 10. The next trip was to be the next Sunday (24 Oct 10). You should have a “wish list” before you go up after you have got in touch with Bob Smart( so you will not be going up to an empty,locked yard.

See Greg Brubaker( about the calender or check in your web page ( for more info.

George Spargen and Dirk are now “life time” members (emeritus).

There will be NO MEETING in November (Happy Thanksing) and the X-mas meeting will be at: “Famous Dave’s” (about 7273 South in Jordan Landing -west of Bangeter Highway) at 1800 hours (6 P.M.) at your expense for dinner.

The Jan 2011 meeting will be at the Fort Douglas Museum at 1900 hours (7 P.M.) on 27 Jan 11.

Bruce motioned for the meeting to come to an end, Harley checked, and meeting over.