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September 2008

We had to defer the approval of the August Meeting minutes and Financial Report to next month because Buck had auto problems and couldn’t attend the meeting.

There was an update on the possibility of posting the club news letter on the web site. It is in the works and hopefully will be done soon.

Update on the Ft Douglas Ambulance project: It was announced that Carl Smith was willing to use his restoration team in Tooele to help the club complete the project. Bill Jr stated that the ambulance would need to have the motor and transmission removed prior to having it worked on. A work date is scheduled for September 30th at 5pm at Ft Douglas.

The Clubs annual Summer Camp out was good. Member took several trails and even attempted to do some night driving with blackout lights only. The high light of the trip was the use of a shower.

The Clubs annual BBQ and Swap meet was moved from Jacks place back to Danny’s. We also decided to lower the cost for family/friends from $20 to $5 per person. If you want to participate or invite a friend/family member, please notify either Mike F or Buck no later than October 10th. The BBQ is set for Oct 18th at 10am. It was noted that members/family/friends bring side dishes for the potluck along with own plates and utensils. The theme of this years meeting is “Chaos of the Universe”

Update of the Veterans Day Observance Parade was given by two representatives of the Department of Utah Veterans of Foreign Wars. The date of the Parade is Nov 8th at 9am. Members were asked to meet at 18th St and Washington Blvd in Ogden. If your planning on showing up, please email Dennis Howland ( or Bruce Morgan

2009 MVPA National Convoy – The route for the convoy (as it effects Utah) is from Evanston, to Ogden, to Murray. Spend the night in Murray. Leave and head for Dougway Proving Ground in Tooele. There will be several tasks needed to be completed before July 2009. Mike is asking for anyone who would like to help, please contact him.

The Wendover Air Show was a huge success for the Club. Over 15 vehicles were on presentation. Several members recommended that this show become one of the main activities that the club fully supports.

There was discussion that more members might show up to more activities if given help from other club members. Also, for those who do show up, there was concern voiced about the need for helping them. Everyone agreed that if anyone member wants to participate, we will be there to help them.

The discussion of a fund raiser were brought up again. The creation of T-shirts with the club logo on front and a military vehicle on back was the leading idea. Bill Jr and George Spargen will research costs, options, etc. and have something to present as soon as possible.

The suggestion of having a “Business Card” available for members to hand out (for example at the Wendover Air Show). The Card might have the Club logo, web site info, etc. but still be generic enough for anyone to hand out. Harley will research what is available and present his idea as soon as possible.

During the Air Show, Chip and Bruce dressed in re-enactment, time appropriate, military clothing. Several people were very interested in learning the history of the uniform, weapons, etc.. It was suggested that the club should encourage more education to the public by way of re-enactments, information, etc.

Several members are headed for Phoenix, Az for the annual swap meet. Dates are January 24 to 26. If you would like to go, see Doc or George.

For sale: 1944 Willy Jeep that has an original “gray” paint job that was found when it was started to be restored. If interested, contact Dean Anderson at 966-6520 or email at

October’s meeting is will be at Dannys place – it will be the BBQ