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November 2010

There was no meeting in Nov as the Thanksgiving Day fell on the fourth Thurs. But things did go on.

1. We will meet for the Dec. (X-mas) Dinner at “Famous Dave’s” on Dec. 4th, (a Sat.) at 7273 South Jordan’s Landing (just west of Bangeter Highway). Members (and invited Guests) will be responsible for their own meal expenses. Jimmy Z and Bruce M will have photos, a Power Wagon 2011/2012 catalog, and other things to see.

2. The next meeting location will be decided at the X-mas Dinner and will be on Jan 27th, 2011 at 1900 hours.

3. I was driven out to Boyce Equipment & Parts Co. (2893 American Way,Ogden (West Haven), UT 84401 (801) 393-0007 to look at a 5/4 Chevy US Army truck (Desert Storm). We did see several M-35s, two Gama Goats, etc. and we took photos.

4. On the way home, we saw an M-37 at: Dan’s Goods Trade & Barter, (801)797-1797, 1924 West Midland Drive, West Haven, UT 84401, ; that looked in very good shape with all the hard to find “bells & whistles”. It does need brakes and paint but looked very good.

5. Ray Meldrun, (801) 494-9852, 7522 South Spring Drive (just east of Bangerter HWY), West Jordan, UT 84084 will be having a sale of several of items(colthing, equipment, etc.) he has supplied to movies and from his own collection. He would like to give our members a chance to buy them from him first. Here is a great chance to get your proper uniform. Check by after 0930 Hours (9:30 A.M. on this Sat. (27 Nov 2010). Ray put several photos of WWII half track and staff car on the internet that were up at the U of U on Veterans’ Day. They looked very good with petty girl in proper dress but he needed to get the boys into proper uniform.

6. The Veterans’ Day Parade in Taylorsville (on 11 Nov 2011) was one I could make. Sam Fidler (in proper uniform) was there with his M-151 (1968) “Jeep” & M416 1/4 ton (1967) trailer (I got a ride from him in the Parade – did you know his “jeep” [mutt?] has a heater?). Dirk B (also in proper uniform) was there with his 1942 Ford jeep. Caesar was there with his 1938 Chevey 1/2 ton US Army pick-up (with Mischelle, a lovely girl, and his Boxer Dog {“Caesar”) wearing camo rug). I was in my desert “Chocotate Chip” uniform. The Crowd was very good but a bit small. Well, it was on the correct day.

7. I did not make it to Ogden for the Vet.s’ Day Parade on (on the next Sat) so I hope to have a report at the X-mas dinner (with photos) or the Jan 27th meeting. I would love to have a report for the Dec 2010 newsletter.

8. Caesar has a 1937 1/2 ton GMC pick-up for sale at $4,000.oo and he has his WWII WLA 45 cu in Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale at $15,000.oo. His phone is (801) 255-4466, 7922 South State Street. Midvale (SLC), UT 84047.