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December 2010

The next meeting will be at 1900 hours ( 7 P.M. ) on 27 Jan 2011 at the Fort Douglas Museum , Fort Douglas (second building southwest of the cannon circle, back room) just East of the U of U. We will be discussing the following:

1. Budget and assignment for the UMVC calendar for the on coming year. No calendar this year as the timing was too rushed with Jack’s passing. So, after our money issues are taken care, the demand by our members (all calendars for 2010 were sold out very quickly) will be decided for the year of 2012. Please be ready to offer your suggestions for both items. (Meeting to be held at Fort Douglas – see above.)

2. Assignment of Air Show (Wendover or any other one we are invited to and can attend) reenactment coordinator. We wish to put on a better show for the crowd so come with your ideas and be ready to stand up as the head person. No show = being choosen?

3. Set Activity Schedule for the upcoming (2011) year and assign point people to give us all a “Heads Up!”. What Parades, Displays, etc. would you like to attend? We look better when someone heads up a certain event and gives all members a person to contact. Also we do not want one person to do all the work for the whole year.

4. We need to be thinking of a possible new Christmas Dinner place. The food was great at “Famous Dave’s” but we needed to get some business done after all is said and done. (I sat with George Stoke’s lovely wife, Elwood, Jimmy Z., Ed Klint, George Spargen, etc. but did not hear anyone else there. The next meeting place was to be announced but no business was able to be done. Perhaps we need a private room? Please come with some suggestions. Chip could not make it but he showed up at the very beginning to let us know and express his disappointment. You and your lovely wife were missed.

5. Dues are due!!!!! Remember to pay your yearly dues ($15.00) at the 27 Jan 2011 meeting or you may send them to our Treasurer: George Spargen, 7112 South Wood Green Road , West Jordan , UT 84097. He did say he wanted all letters addressed to: “His Lord High Financialship”