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January 2011

Meeting of Utah Military Vehicle Club called to order by President Harley Jacobs, pledge of alliance to our U.S. flag, Newsletter/Minutes from Dec/Jan meeting read and approved and seconded. Meeting was at the Fort Douglas Museum at 1900 hours (7 P.M.).

Note: Our next meeting will be at the Fort Douglas Museum at 1900 hours (7 P.M.) on the 24th of Feb. Please come as members’ info lists will be checked (and NEEDED corrections will be made so the General List can be e-mailed or hard copies mailed to members).

Treasury report by George Spargen, we have money. Dues for this year are due. Please pay our Treasurer. Non payment = no Newsletter, etc. It is noted that any member who is over 75 years of age (or given this status by a vote of the membership at a regular meeting) will be considered a Life Member and will not be required to pay dues. Elwood Powell will review all legal facts and pay fees for our club to which he will be repaid by the Treasurer.

2010 Wendover distribution of fees for individuals who brought vehicles for this Air Show has discussed and approved.

2011 Activity/Event Schedule was voted to be held until the Feb 2011 meeting. If you have an event you would like our club to support, come and let your voice be heard. Individuals who are most connected with that event will be our contact person.

Lodi (MV show/swap meet/yard sale) will be held 17 – 23 April in California with Bill Abbott as the contact person.

The club camp out is being planned for 14-15 May with more to come at the Feb meeting. This is a great place for photos of your vehicle to be used in our 2012 calendar and it is a great family outing with your vehicle. Greg Brubaker has volunteered to do the calendar if we can support him. All 2010 UMVC calendars sold out. There was no 2011 calendar as the planned tribune to Jack Tomlin (and his vehicles) was not able to be completed.

The Idaho MV (etc.) will be held 8 – 11 June in Lodi with Bill Abbott as the contact person.

The Wendover Air Show this year will be held 24 – 25 June with set up 23 June and tear down no later than 26 June. This is as the Hill AFB Air Show would conflict with the usual Sept date. We have been discussing about ending the reenacting at the show and have a vehicle parade (with flagmen) so any members and reenactors may get a cut of the fees paid by Wendover for us showing up. Remember, the terrain is flat and built up sets must be taken down so as not to endanger the normal Air Operations. The Thanksgiving Point Car Show will be on this same weekend so if you can not make one, try the other. However, there is a usually a charge to do the Car Show. We need a member to be the contact for each event.

The 4th of July Freedom Festival/Parade is planned for a Tue and there was some discussion about military vehicles to take part (where, still to be decided) that evening with fireworks at the BYU Stadium. The Provo event is one we strongly support, so please try to be there. George Stokes is our contact member for this event. If there are other events for members who can not make this event, please contact Bruce Morgan.

Spanish Fork is planning a 24th of July Parade and has expressed interest in us supporting them. This is a much better request than the total disregard from SLC. We would need a contact member to step forward if the club is interested. More discussion at the Feb meeting.

Our club BARBQ (steak fry) will be on 15th of Oct.

The VFW has expressed interest in us supporting (11 Nov 2011) Veterans’ Day Parades. They would supply food for members supporting them at a VFW Post.

Our X-mas dinner in Dec will be discussed later. We need a place where we can get a little business done. Catered at the Fort Douglas Museum? Food for thought? Come & express your views

A report on Buck and the garage project of Danny Shimiz was given.

We need to discuss our Web Page (NO info on members [unless allowed by that member] will be put on the web page). Thanks to Mike Fernandez for doing all this work. Our web page is: Should we have advertising for members (and ?) on our web site?

Our UMVC PX needs to be discussed.

Meeting was adjourned.

NOTE: Jim Squire (801-897-9490; ; SLC, UT) has a 1965 Dodge M43 military ambulance for sale as a partial restoration project for $1500.00, asking price. This is build on a M37 vehicle type with the box back. It has the combustible heater in back. The vehicle body is in good shape, has original paint and markings on it (faded), with all parts there, but has civilian tires. This was a second restoration project that has sat for awhile. The engine was running when it was parked and is a 4 speed.

NOTE: Steve Bartkowski, (708-430-5080, P.O. Box 848, Bedford, IL 60499) is looking for a WWII Stewart tank (Hymn City will not part with theirs) and a WWII U.S. jeep (MB or Willeys) that he can restore. He wonders if another fellow member of the UMVC can help him. Is there another WWII tank in Utah that could be had?