Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

February 2011

Our next meeting of the UMVC will be on 31 March 2011 at 7 P.M. (1900 hours) in the 2nd Building of the Fort Douglas Museum which is east of the U of U.

There will be a pre meeting (each member paying their own way) dinner/get together at Chuck O Rama (744 East 400 South, SLC) starting between 5 – 5:30 P.M. (1700 to 1730 hours) on the day of the meeting. Come if you can.

UMVC Meeting (24 Feb 2011) minutes were read by Harley (in charge) after the Pledge of Allegiance and approved. 24 Feb meeting was held at Ft. Douglas Museum. G. Spargen was excused as he was out of town. Remember, this is only a hobby, some people have to work.

Membership Dues are due ($15.00 @ year, payable in January or soon after). You can pay at the 31 March 2011 meeting or by sending a check to G. Spargen, 7112 South Wood Green Road, West Jordan, UT 84084 made out to the Utah Military Vehicle Club; subject: 2011 dues.

The 2010 Wendover Air Show money will be given out at the next meeting. Bill A. needs to know who had what there. Please tell him. Ray M. (who brought ammo, blanks, and a demonstrated flame thrower) needs to be at the meeting to present his costs or contact Bill A.

Feb nominations for leadership positions of our club went to Bill A. for a March vote. If you are not there and do not vote, don’t complain.

There will be a bus ride from the Fort Douglas Museum to Carl’s place in Tooele, Utah on 19 March leaving at 0900 hours (9 A.M.) and return. The cost is $15.00 per person and will get you lunch and pay for the bus ride. The Ft. Douglas Museum did suffer some water damage from the last big storm and could use some support. Contact our member, Ephriam, at (801) 581-1251 during Museum working hours.

Ron P. (ROTC – U of U) is still looking for volunteer military vehicles for the big “Tribute to the U of U President” in April on the Stilwell Parade Ground in front of the Ft. Douglas Museum, on 21 April 2011 (Thurs), morning. You can contact him at (801) 243-6753.

The trip to Lodi, California is under the care of Bill A., (801) 2984139. If you are going, you must get a space (or share with a member – helping with costs) from JoAnn Lesser at (408) 238-8277 ASAP! This is a fun show time with many items for sale or trade, vehicles on display, and reenactors with gear to also sell or trade. The Lodi show will be from 17 – 24 April but I think different members who are going plan to set up, stay, and tear down to return to Utah at different times. Please come to the March Meeting for more details.

Our May 13th & 14th (Fri/Sat) our camp-out will be on the Pony Express Trail (a fun trip in convoy) where photos will be taken of your vehicle in a excellent setting for our 2012 calendar. This is camping so you will need to bring gear for out in the wilds. Families are welcome (bring enough food to feed your rug rats) and the views are excellent. Please be at the March Meeting or get in touch with G. Spargen.

On May 28th (Sat) will be an “Open Cockpit Day” at the Heber Airport put on by the Historic Air Force (old CAF). They are asking for our vehicles to add to the event. The times will be from 9 A.M. (0900) to 3 P.M. (1500). It would be wise to be early. I believe admission is free but to climb into an aircraft may cost a little to help pay for their fuel, upkeep, etc.

June 8 – 12 is the Furitland, Idaho, Show and Swap Meet. It is $40 @ space to sell/trade stuff but admission is free. Please come to the meeting for more info.

The Wendover Air Show has been moved to 23 (set up Thur afternoon), 25 (Fri – special show), 26 (Sat – show). and 27 (Sun – tear down and return to home) in June. You need to contact Jim Peterson, of Wendover if you are going. We need a Utah contact – anyone want to volunteer? This was because of the conflict with the Hill AFB Air Show that was going to be on held in Sept. The Salt Lake Tribune has a story on 11 March 2011, page B 6, that hints the Air Show will be cancelled so the money may be spent else where. We are in hard times.

The Provo 4th of July Parade will be on a Monday and they are asking us to have our vehicles there very early (7 A.M. [0700])in that morning. G. Stokes (801-721-4630 also our contact member) has offered to let you drive down on the 3rd (Sunday) and camp out at his house (in the back yard so bring a sleeping bag or two). More on this at the March Meeting. There is talk of a display on the 3rd also but more on at the Meeting. There is also some talk of a 4th of July Parades in Tooele and Spanish Fork. Please come to the March Meeting with info. We need contact people.

Ogden is planning a 24th of July Parade (which falls on a Sunday and they have not had a parade on that day) and they are interested in our vehicles in that parade. Hmmm? Look for more information later. Who is our contact person?

Our Oct BBQ (also know as “Steak Fry”) will be 15 Oct (Sat) and we need more info. Please come with your ideas to the March Meeting.

We need to discuss Veterans’ Day activities that we will support (Ogden has asked us to think of their parade). The VFW has a free lunch/dinner all day for their members and would also invite us if we support them with our vehicles.

Where should be have our X-MAS dinner? If you miss the meeting, how can you give your opinion? One of the suggestions is the “Texas Steak House” on 7200 South 900 East, Ft. Union, Utah. This is an official meeting and members need to be heard.

We wish Buck best wishes and send our regards. Thinking clearly, Danny and his family finished the Garage Project without our help. Probably saved time, money, & heart ache. Danny, when can we see the work?

We must get some GREAT PHOTOs of our vehicles for our 2012 calendar. No modern stuff in the background, no shadows of the picture taker, only people in correct clothing (military?) or none at all, with a ¾ side view showing off your vehicle in its’ best light. Contact G. Brubacker, evenings.

Have you been checking out our website? Suggestions? Help?

We still have some T-shirts, hats, things with the UMVC on them, etc. Be proud of our club. Plus people note who we are and ask about the club. Contact Layne.

Meeting of Feb 2011 was adjourned