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April 2011

1. The meeting opened ( 31 March 2011 ) with the Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag. Harley was in charge. Bob Boettcher (VP), George Spargen (Treasurer), and Bruce (Newsletter/secretary) were also in attendance up front. Feb minutes noted (and on our web site: ) and approved.

2. The Financial Report from George Spargen: We have 22 paid up members ($x.oo for the year, full year must be paid), the Wendover Air Show money was set at 9 vehicles divided into $x.oo, and we have XXX in the UMVC treasury.

3. The position of Vice President was accepted by Bob Boettcher again. Guys, we need more new people to step up for Management positions as we can’t have the same people doing all the work. It was decided that membership fees will be waivered to members 75 and older. Special other waivers must be approved by the membership at a meeting.

4. Events: (21 April at the U of U has been cancelled [Did I get to everyone?]).

a. Lodi , California is 17th to 24th of April. Bill Abbott is contact.

b. Our next meeting will be on 28 April at the Fort Douglas Museum (1900 hours – 7 P.M. ) . There will be a dinner get together at the Chuck O Rama (between 1700 hours – 5:00 P.M. and 1730 hours) at about 720 East & 400 South, SLC . Pay your own way.

c. Our Spring “Campout” will be 13th to 14th in May with George Spargen as contact. This would be a great place to take some photos of your vehicle for our calendar.

d. Heber City has asked us to bring vehicles to their Air Field for a one day event on 28 May. Contact is Greg Brubaker. This would be a great place to take some photos of your vehicles for our calendar.

e. Weber is interested in our vehicles being there on the 28th of May. More discussion at the April meeting.

f. Greg B. called me before the Newsletter was started and asked that I put in a possible event at the Morgan Airport on 4th of June for veterans. This will be discussed at the April Meeting.

g. The Idaho MV/Swap meet will be 8 – 12 June.

h. The Wendover Air Show will be 24, 25, 26 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) in June. We have been asked to show up early Thursday morning (if possible) so school kids, etc. can see our displays and vehicles. The parade of vehicles is on. Contract is Jim Peterson or Greg B.

i. The Provo 4th of July Freedom Festival Parade is on. Please contact George Stokes as we were asked (demanded?) to be in place no later than 0730 hours. George kindly offered to let some sleep in his backyard ( Orem ) so you do not have to get up so early to get to the Parade Starting Point.

j. Spanish Fork is planning a 4th of July Parade also and wondered if some our members may want to go there. This will be discussed at the meeting. I am sure that several cities would love to have our vehicles in their Parade on this date..

k. Ogden is planning a “24th” Parade on the 25th of July (Sat) and has asked for military vehicles. Greg B. is the contact.

l. October 15th is to be our Steak Fry. More info at the meeting (please come).

m. 11 Nov is Veterans’ Day and we have invites and offers at the VFW Clubs to come in and share their house chili. Note: Ogden is planning a Veterans’ Day on the 12th of Nov (Sat) and Greg B. is the contact.

n. The location for our X-mas dinner (will be on the 3rd of Dec.) is still open so bring some ideas to our meeting. Note, the location must be in a place where we can also have a meeting as well as good food.

5. We have a new member: Barry Skinner, Drapper, UT 84020. He has a 1952 jeep with trailer.

6. We are going to try and cut back on our administration part of our meetings to 30 minutes and have more time for fun stuff. (See # 16 in this newsletter.) No, no dancing girls!

7. Our “PX” has Limited #): hats, T-shirts, patches, pins, magnetic signs for your vehicle (MV & private), etc. Contact Layne.

8. I have been out to checkout a restorer of vehicles. Curtis Tatton, of Tatton’s, 139 West (south of 4500 South up on the hill area) Frontage Road (#22), Murray , UT 84107 , (801) 685-0056; is interested in restoring military vehicles. He charges $65.oo @ hour, (sends out for sandblasting) but does painting, rebuilding (it would be helpful if you had your manuals, good pictures of what your vehicle should look like, and a place to get your parts), engines, differentials, power trains (Curtis has done work on a 2 ½ ton for UMVC member, Robert Pastor – check with him). He had some beautiful trucks and cars photos of what he has done and one in his shop he was working on. These were custom vehicles. Curtis had wedding gear, etc.

9. John Armstrong (member & Jack T.’s mechanic) recommended Hunter Machine, 4669 West 3500 South, #6 (behind billiards items supplier), West Valley City , UT 84120 , (801) 964-6179, e-mail: and I checked him out also. His shop was good sized and “Red” had machines of all types (some I had no idea what they were). Red said engines (total rebuild) were his main stay. Barry S. told me that he was going to take his Jeep motor there to fix it before major troubles surfaced (his motor was making noise & black smoke).

10. Kearns Auto Center, INC. at 4219 West 5414 South (just few steps south from 5400 South), Kearns , UT 84118 , (801) 964-6273; is my mechanic and I have been going to him for over twenty years. He has worked on my M3A1 and my WC52. He is also my civilian vehicles mechanic. Ray does great tune ups and minor repairs (he never had to look at the manuals I brought to him) but does not do rebuilds. Do any other members have “repair places” to recommend?

11. Bob’s Lock, Safe, and Key, 3112 West 3500 South, West Valley City, UT 84119, (801-966-6767), have been locksmiths since 1970. I took them a lock with no key and they made me keys. I hear they have a second place in South Jordan (1086 West 10600 South #107) but I have not been out there yet.

12. Military Vehicles for sale still:

a. Jim Squire, (801) 897-9490, still has his 1965 Dodge military ambulance for sale at $1,500.oo. It has the box heater, body in good shape, but he does not have the time to finish it off. Dodge built this on a M37 frame.

b. Caesar, (801) 255-4466, 7922 South State Street, Midvale, UT still has his 1942 WWII WLA Harley Davidson motorcycle (asking $15,000.oo and this is not his “Bush Bike”) and his 1937, half ton GMC (asking $4,000.oo -looks military) for sale.

c. Roger Condron (of Eagle Mountain , UT ; 801-645-0505, friend of Ray M.) has a CCWK (2 ½ ton), 1943, with hard cab, in military colors, good street running vehicle, would be good as a Parade vehicle. Asking $3,500.oo.

13. Picture this: A large MV swap meet/show with several smaller pictures making up two pages. Each picture (part of this full art work) has a joke with it. These are my ideas or ones I have heard.

a. Scene: Husband standing next to his Mark V Panther tank talking to a friend,

“Ever since I started parking my tank in the back yard, my neighbors have been very well behaved.”

Scene: Husband standing next to his Armored Car bragging to a bystander, “My M3A1 Scout Car was built in 1941, carried 30 gallons of fuel, weighed 5 tons, 3 machine guns, built by White Truck Company, ….” His wife complains to her friend. “This from a man who can’t remember his own zip code!” Scene: Husband to bystander, “I bought and restored this anti tank vehicle so I could drive this tracked vehicle everywhere.” His wife, “Unfortunately, he had to buy a huge truck to transport it and rent the land to drive this silly thing anywhere.” .Scene: Man driving his halftrack is looking backwards over his tracks’ footprints with a scared look on his face while a little girl stands by a puddle of animal and yells, “FUFFY!” Scene: Man to bystander, “I paid $110,000 to buy & restore this Sherman M4A3 medium tank, maintain a $60,000 truck & trailer to haul it around, so I have rented it to a movie company to make $1,000 @ day.” In the background, in an action scene, his tank is blown to bits. Scene: Husband driving in his Duce & an half, waves to the children on the sidelines who wave back. His wife thinks, “He spent over $15,000 so he can wave at children.” Scene: Man to bystander, “When I drive my M8 ‘Greyhound’ armored car on the highway; no one cuts me off, everyone yields the right of way to me, even semi trucks will not tailgate me.” In the background is a squashed compact car with his military tire marks on it. “Well, they don’t do it again.” said the man. Scene: An old Dodge, WC52, ¾ ton truck bouncing over terrain with the kids in back being thrown out of the bed. The driver says to his friend beside him, “I bought and restored this old weapons carrier so my grandchildren would know what I did in Korea .” Scene: Man with artillery cannon to bystander, “Well the license own this cost me $2,500 year, restoration to firing condition cost $10,000, buying it cost me $15,000, shells (when I can find them) cost me $200 round, and I have to wait for the National Guard 155 Artillery unit to be on their range and also be willing to let me also shoot on it.” “It’s a GREAT HOBBY!” Scene: Man hugging his tank with a crazed look on his face while speaking to a bystander, “Some people restore Model Ts, Rolls Royces, boats, airplanes, etc.” “I restore fully operational ARMOURED VEHICLES !” Husband (while ‘sailing’ his DUKW in the lake) to passenger, “I call my land/water 2 ½ ton truck ‘Baby’!” His wife in the bed thinks, “I call it ‘the money sucker’!” Two part story: Part one: Ted on telephone to Bill, he speaks, “Bill, I heard you mounted a machine gun on a post in your jeep.” “Do you like that it makes your vehicle look like a ‘gun jeep’?” Part two: Bill (who is bandaged in bed) answering, “No Ted, I like that it acted as a roll bar when I overturned the jeep and I was not killed.” I heard this is a true story (Big Bear Meet) but the names have been changed to protect the stupid. Do you have an idea?

14. Ray Meldrum, American Patrol Company, P.O. Box 1735 , West Jordan , UT 84084 , (801) 494-9852 has some items for sale. Used (in movies) Military Uniforms (U.S. WWII and a small amount of German WWII) and web equipment (nice to add to your vehicle), some that were made by his company and are fresh.

15. The items that Ray M. passed around last meeting for sale by his friend in California has been ALL SOLD!!!! Tough luck fellow members.

16. We are restoring the “Special Topics of Interest” at our meetings but we need our members (YOU) to volunteer to represent a subject to help to keep interest in our club. At our next meeting, we are planned to have Ray M. who will speak on “military textiles”. Then:

a. Roger, who will speak on “the restoration process”.

b. Chip, who will speak on “proper uniform presentation”.

c. Ken, who will speak on “mechanical fixes”

d. Who will step forward for the next topic? Please think about this, as this is a time for you to speak up (no politics) about our hobby and your knowledge of a subject dear to your heart.