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May 2011

1. Our next meeting will be 26 May 2011 (Thurs.) to be held at Danny’s Place (D & D Containers, 2815 West Andrew Avenue , SLC , UT ) at 1900 Hours ( 7 P.M. ). The easiest way to get there is to get on the west belt of I-215, get off at California (about 1300 South), go West to Pioneer (2700 West), go south to Andrew Avenue (1535 South), go West to 2815 Andrew Avenue, and we will be meeting in the yellow building (2819) on the south side of the street.

2. Our April 2011 meeting of the Utah Military Vehicle Club (UMVC) was held at the Fort Douglas Museum . All leadership members in attendance.

a. Harley reviewed the March minutes which were approved.

b. George Spar… gave the Treasurer’s report (We are not broke yet) and reported on the outlay of cash for the 2010 Wendover Air Show.

c. It was voted on and approved to Amend our By Laws to waive membership fees for members who are 75 years old (or older).

d. George reported on the Lodi ( California ) Military Vehicle Show/Swap Meet in April (Note: There will be another Lodi Show on 18 Sept 2011 .) Several members went together and shared expenses. This was a success and we should think of this again. Start planning now.

e. We will be looking forward to the report (this meeting) of the May UMVC camp out.

f. To remind our members, upcoming events are: May 28 – Russ McDonald Air Field (one mile south of Heber, show up early with your vehicle for display) Open House (with aircraft, vehicles, veterans, etc.)Call David Barber at 801 631-6381, Idaho MV show/swap meet June 8 – 12, Wendover Air Show (Display/Parade of our vehicles) on June 24 – 26.

g. Parades are: Provo (and other cities) Freedom Festival Parade on July 4th (more info at the meeting), Spanish Fork same day, Pioneer Day at several cities (not SLC ), Veterans’ Day at several cities ( Ogden being one) on 11-11-2011 , and some further down the Road.

h. Our October club Bar B Que will on October 15th this year. More later at meeting. Would you like to have the “ROAST” at your area? Come to the meeting to sound off.

i. Christmas club dinner will be on December 3rd. Location undecided so do you have a place in mind? We need some quiet for a meeting (between mouthfuls) please be thinking of this.

j. Several Car Shows like having military vehicles at their events. Check them out.

3. At the April meeting, Ray M. spoke on military canvas: Styles for WWI, WWII, & Korea, seat covers, tops, places to look for correct color and weight for our vehicles, Viet Nam and newer (it changed to vinyl), and he had samples to display and touch. This meeting, we are looking to another display and info by Josh & Kent.

4. Do you have something you would like to put on our newsletter or Web Page ( ) or ask for info under Utah Military Vehicle Club? Come to the meeting to find out more info.

5. We had a report on our PX stuff (do you need something to let people know of our hobby and club?) and we need some more info on what should we buy for you. If you do not tell us (THE LEADERSHIP), how will we know? We could vote on it at the next meeting.

6. There are rumors of another military movie to be shot in Utah . Me and my vehicle were in “Saints & Soldiers” shot up in Alpine, Utah . Hopefully, we will have more info at the next meeting.

7. It was Jan when dues were due. No more newsletters for those who have not paid. I will keep a copy on my computer so if you pay – I will send you a late copy. Maybe we should post those who are late? How about some suggestions? At the meeting!

8. Adjourned.

Sorry this is late. But I heard the world was going to end 21 May, so I held off to save myself. (Posted 24 May)