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June 2011

The meeting of the Utah Military Vehicle Club (UMVC) was moved from the yellow building (on Danny’s area) to our old meeting spot upstairs in the back. While staring a little late, our officers present were Harley, Robert B., and Bruce (me).

George Spar—- was excused, and Bruce collected the Dues from four members.

The American Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.

Our next meeting will be at the Fort Douglas Museum, second Bldg. in the back on June 30th, at 1900 hours (7 P.M.).

Harley disposed of our May minutes (approved by the membership).

The Financial Report will be deferred until George makes it back.

Our Spring campout was rained and muddied out. Should we have a retry in August?

Please be thinking about this. It would be a great place for the Club Steak Dinner in the wilds. Remember, if you do not make the meetings or contact the leadership, how will we know your desires?

The Events upcoming:

Idaho MV show/swap meet will be 8 – 12 June (please contact Bill Ab--, sr.)

The Wendover Air Show will be June 24 (special day, Thursday, for school students if you can go early), 25 (set up and early display, Friday,) and 26 (Saturday, full day Air Show, car show, etc.). Please contact: Greg Bruba—- for info.

Provo (and other cities if you can’t make Provo – let us know which parades you supported) Freedom Festive Parade. More info at the June meeting or George Stok—-.

October Steak Fry (?) on 15 October at Danny’s or (?).

Veterans’ Day Parade at Ogden on 11 Nov 2011 or (?).

X-mas dinner at (needs to be discussed at our meetings, do you have an idea?).

Other events to be added latter.

I missed not having a UMVC 2011 calendar. So it is important we decide fairly quickly on where to get our vehicles (in a natural setting as much as possible) together and photoed for the 2012 UMVC calendar. Please come to the meeting with ideas to put to Greg B.

We will be looking for our treasurer as he controls our bank account. We will need advice to correct this when George is out of town. We could also use some members’ advice on our Club PX’s inventory. Have you checked out our web page lately ( ?

We wish to thank Mike F. for his hard work (would you, our members like to put something in our web page?).

Kent Warnich gave a film/talk on the M-18, Tank Destroyer which was GREAT !!!!! It also included film of an M-18 firing it’s weapons. Our next Special Presentation will be Ipson, “On repairs without a timing light”. Our V.P. (“Bob”) will have his just put together jeep to help with the event.

Information of Interest:

Member Jim Squ—- needs to sell his Military Ambulance (1965 built by Dodge on the M-37 base). This is a restoration project that he needs to let go as he is working on other projects. The vehicle has original paint (faded), special parts to that ambulance, and is a very close restoration = good work done but a little more is needed. He’s asking $1,000.oo or best offer. He can be reached at cell: (801) 897-9490.

Lonnie Whytock (of “Kar Klinic”, 3180 South 300 West, SLC, UT 84115; cell: (801) 706-3954; or KARKLINIC@MSN.COM .) has a WWII US jeep trailer for sale. I saw this trailer and it has the tow hitch ball fixed, CJ rims & modern tires, newer military trailer lights, painted civilian green but it looks great! The back of the trailer has not been cut, the wheel fenders are round & in very good shape, and it looks like all the basics are there. He is willing to sell it as is for $950.oo but I asked him to look for the original parts and he said he would but the old tires were too sun rotted. If he can find the parts, he will want a little more cash. He did say that when he needs old WWII stuff for the Jeeps he restores and repairs, he calls Dee at (801) 391-6464 to get what he needs (UMVC Jeep owners, do you need anything?).

Ray M. Will have info at the meeting that should not be missed.

The Wendover Air Show will be this Fri & Sat (24 & 25 June). Greg B. ( ) will be in charge. Please contact him and go. We need to support our friends.