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July 2011

The UMVC meeting on 30 June 2011 began with the Pledge to our Flag with Harley (Pres), Bob Boett. (VP), and Bruce (sec/newsletter editor) present. George Spar. Was out of town and the Treasure report will be given at the July meeting.

Our next meeting will be on 28 July 2011 at the Museum at Fort Douglas . Time will be at 1900 hours ( 7 P.M. ) where Ephraim will give us a tour of the Museum. Please be on time.

A “pay for your own dinner” get together will be at Hires Drive-in, 400 South 700 East, SLC at 1700 hours (5 P.M. or close to this time).

From Harley: “The Club has been informed that long time member Buck Parham passed away since the last Club meeting, a victim pf ALS (Lou Gehring’s Disease). Buck had been a long time member of our Club, serving as Secretary from 2007 to 2009. He restored a M38 jeep to Coast Guard specifications and is donating it to the Coast Guard Museum. Buck will be remembered for his quiet and thoughtful way. God speed Buck.

A report was given on the Wendover Air Show: Our turnout was light (George Sto.’s 1/2 track {he let the kids fire his Propane .50 cal MG which they loved}, Bill {Sr.}’s M38 jeep, Jack T’s WC52 with twin mounted .50’s and his ½ ton Command Car {I may be mistaken on this as I did not make it}, and a jeep from Centerville.).

Final advice was given by George Sto. about the 4th of July Parade in Provo . I did make this one where I walked behind the M18 (tracked, tank destroyer). We will have a report at the meeting. Did anyone make any other Parade? Please tell us at the upcoming meeting.

How about starting a Club Photo Album with photos from events we have done? This will be brought up at the meetings for feedback. Maybe we could lend our photos to our web site and we would get them back? Maybe just make an extra copy? Come to the meeting and be ready to discuss it. Just a thought.

Our “Steak Fry” will be in Oct. and will be discussed at our upcoming meeting.

Bruce was paid for items he bought to keep getting the newsletter out ($4.09). If any member would like to put an item in the newsletter, please get with Bruce before the 15th of the month. How to contact him is in our membership list.

John Hal. (former member with a great looking Burma Jeep 1 ½ cargo Ford) stopped by the June meeting for a visit as he was in the area.

The meeting came to an end and we went outside where Ipson gave a quick class on how to set your points if you have a minor break down on the road without your regular garage being there. He was going to show us how to set Bob’s (our VP) 1942 jeep distributor also but it was frozen and he did not want to take a chance on breaking it. Ipson did advice us on tools that should be in your vehicle on a road trip. I always have a tow strap/chain as it may help someone else as well as you.

Ray Meldrum, American Patrol Canvas Co., P.O.Box 1735, West Jordan, UT 84084, (801) 494-9852 cell, E-mail: e-mailed Harley & me: “Guys, we are gearing up for a feature film to be shot in one month starting 20 August. It is a story of paratroopers who misdropped on D-Day and meet up with French resistance fighters. Most of the Principle Cast is already been selected. Most of the scenes needing lots of background players will be shot on Saturdays to lessen scheduling problems and good re-enactors will be heavily used as principle background. If you or anyone you know wants to ‘play army’ on this project, please contact me with what you have as an impression (including variations of your impression{s}and any special props or vehicles) you maybe able to bring along. We will need standard G.I.s (as well as paratroopers). Any German re-enactors out there that want to help are welcome as well. It is best if you can provide clear detailed photos of you in your impression{s}, especially if you have not participated in one of these projects with me before. Feel free to forward this to anybody you think might be interested. Unfortunately, with my present ongoing situation, I can’t get away for the (28 July) meeting though I hope to rejoin the group again. I do appreciate you mentioning this for me at the meeting. Ryan has said that we do have a budget (though rather small) to pay a token sum for vehicles (etc.) bought in. Time requirements are minimal and we would only need vehicles for a few days of filming (yes, vehicle owners are welcome to ‘baby sit’ them on the set). If anyone is interested, have them contact me directly by my e-mail or my cell phone.” I made a fool of myself at the Provo 4th of July Parade. Remember that the M18’s (Tank Destroyer) engine does not like Parade speeds. So it is stopped, engine revved up, using “S” turns – catches up with parade float in front of it quickly, stops, repeat, and repeat. As I was to walk behind it (in my UMVC hat and T-shirt), picking up fired blank shell casings from the four WWII G.I. reenactors and getting them to the crowd so kids would not get near the vehicle’s tracks, and watching for people too foolish to stay away; I would stand until I hear the engine rev, run to keep up with the M18, stop, repeat. repeat, etc. I saw the vehicle behind me was an armored HumVee (no guns mounted on it while our vehicles did have some) with two Spec.4s from the “real” US Military. I went over to them and briefed them what to beware of. Their butter bar Lt. came up and asked what I was doing so I briefed him also. To which he said, “Good work Sir, Thank-you!”. I stated I was a retired Sgt and he should not call me names. The two Spec 4s tried to hold their laughter in until the officer laughed out loud. (I guess he is a good officer after all.) My mission completed, I went back to my position. As our part in the Parade started, I glanced back and noted the Lt. was in the front passenger’s seat of the HumVee and I was in his full view. I did not want him noticing a poor job and commenting to his troops that the loud mouthed retired Sgt. was not doing his job correctly. Proudly, I squared my shoulders and did my job correctly (with no goofing off) for the rest of the Parade. At the end of the Parade I was super tired and had a new foot blister. I could barely climb up on to left M18’s front fender (where I acted as a left turn signal and a verbal left hand mirror). Never again I said! Of course I said that last year, but this time I MEAN IT!

Sam Fil.: I just saw an M100 (US military) Trailer on the GSA Auction Site (and bids end Saturday – 23 July). It’s at the Ranger Station in Ferron , Utah . You can find it on the following link if you click, Browse by Location then look under Utah . The site does not allow for direct links. It would be nice to see this in the hands…..

Mike Barrett (of Barretts Automotive Safety Service, Tel: (801) 467-6571, 2695 South 900 East, SLC , UT 84106 , ) has an M151 with proper trailer, M-60 pedestal (not mounded), tools, roll cage rack (?), etc. He is selling it for another who is asking $15,000.oo and has turned down $12,000.oo. I saw it and it looks good (proper color, proper lights, etc). He hopes to bring it to the upcoming meeting with a ‘Dealer Plate’ on it. Ephriam told me of this.

The military trailer at Kar Klinic was sold to a Deer Hunter.