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August 2011

1. Meeting on July 28, 2011 started at 1900 hours with Jimmy Z. leading the Pledge to our USA Flag. Harley in charge. June minutes approved. About 16 members present.

2. George Spar. Gave the Treasury report (we have some money) which ended the period for June 30, 2011. Welcome back George, you were missed.

3. Harley reported that Buck Parham had passed on. He was a good friend to many members and helped the club greatly. A moment of silence for memories was taken.

4. We had a report on the Wendover Air Show and the Provo 4th of July Parade. We hope to have a report on the UMVC campout at this meeting. A SPECIAL INFO message was sent out about changes only on e-mail as there was not enough time to mail out hard copy and be sure all would get it. Should we continue to have UMVC campouts? Express your views at the next meeting!

5. The next meeting will be at Danny’s place (2815 West Andrew Avenue [1535 South], SLC, at 1900 {7 P.M.} hours on 25 Aug 2011

6. Up coming events:

a. Gregory Bru. Informed me that the Utah Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (old CAF) will be having an Air Show at the Ogden-Hinckley Airport from 0900 – 1600 hours this Sat (20 Aug). He is looking for us and some of our vehicles to be there (call him at 801-725-3437). He sent an e-mail out to those who could receive it.

b. The movie Ray M is working on will start on 1 Sept 2011. Those interested, contact him. He needs WWII vehicles, good WWII reenactors, and some props. More info at the meeting.

c. Bar-B-Que on 15 Oct 2011 at Danny’s place. Paid up members get a free steak cooked to order and the member bringing one side dish for the feast. A guest will also bring a side dish and will pay about $5 – $10. We will have a swap meet at Danny’s before the BBQ.

d. Veterans’ Day Parade will be in Ogden on 12 Nov 2011. More info at meeting. Does any member know of a Veterans’ Day Parade we could also support and whom to contact?

e. Our Xmas dinner will be discussed at this meeting. Bring your suggestions to this meeting so we can plan ahead.

f. Gregory Bru. Is trying to plan for our 2012 calendar photo shoot. Please come to the meeting with ideas as I really disliked not having our UMVC Calendar this year. 2010’s was great.

7. Ephriam Dicks gave us a Special tour of the Fort Douglas Museum after the meeting. See what you miss if you skip a meeting? He also showed us future plans for the expanded museum in the future. We would still have a place to meet.

8. Ronald Pow. bought a WWII parts jeep and must let it go. He is going to give us first shot before advertising the parts. I have his e-mail and will pass it around to the members present at the meeting. Otherwise, contact him.

9.Recommend for the premeeting dinner (pay your own way) is the Cracker Barrel, 2283 City Center Court (off 3500 South), between 1700 and 1750 hours. Steaks at the 15th of Oct BBQ will be $5 for guests. The swap meet also on the date (at Danny’s also) will start at 1100 hours. Come earily to set up. This will finallized at the meeting.