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September 2011

1. August UMVC meeting was held at Danny’s place where Bill A. (sr) approved & Ed K. seconded July’s minutes. Our financial report (we are not rich but the club does have some money) was given and approved by Bill A. (sr) & Bob B. seconded.

2. Our 2011 Activity/Event Schedule report was given:

a. Campout was not held so there was no report.

b. Sept 29th will be our next meeting a the Fort Douglas Museum beginning at 1900 hours (Last Thurs of month at 7 P.M. in the back of bldg # 2).

c. Our “Steak/Bar-B-Que/Swap Meet” will be held at Danny’s place. Call me if you need the address. A $5 charge is for each guest and please RSVP (this can be done at this meeting or call me, and don’t wait too long). The date is Oct 15th with the Swap Meet beginning at noon. Food will come later as it must be cooked; remember to bring a side dish. Our Oct meeting will be held also as we are eating.

d. Greg B. has asked that you bring a military vehicle to the 29th Sept meeting and to come early (1800 hours – 6 P.M.) so he can get some photos for our UMVC 2012 calendar. Please look sharp. I really missed our calendar this year and the 2010 calendar sold out quick.

e. We are planning on the Ogden Veterans’ Day Parade (to be held on 12th of Nov [Sat] – anyone else have a Vet.’s Day Parade on Friday? Taylorsville was very interested in our presence. (Nov/Dec UMVC meeting will be held at the X-mas dinner).

f. Our X-mas dinner will be held on 3rd Dec (details to follow). I think it is to be held at Lynn’s Grill?

g. We wish to Thank Ephrian for his tour of the Museum at the July meeting.

h. Please check out our Web page at: Reminder to members to help by sending things of interest to Mike F.

i. We still have some PX items for sale you may be interested in.

j. We had Greg B. tell of the two man, recon small planes (L-2, L-3, L-4, & L-5). At an air show, he race out in his jeep to help tow a damaged L-5 back to safety (It looked like it was planned and the crowd was pleased. I remember a story of a WWII L-3 being attacked by a German FW 190 over water. The very slow plane was able stay out reach by flying at wave top level, out turning his attacker, and circling an island with a tall hill on it. The FW was too fast and could not line up his guns to shoot down the American plane. Finally the German had to give up and return to his base.

3. You do not need to wait for a notice for you to display of your vehicle. There several small car shows all over that would be very happy to have you in their show. Greg B. has also e-mailed members of desired locations. Just be clean & bring good feelings of our club (no misbehavior) to the public.

4. David Turley is looking for a starter motor for a CJ2 or CJ3. 801-787-7374