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October 2011

1. George Spar. gave the pledge to the Flag. Minutes from 25 Aug 2011 meeting approved .

2, We have new members: Chris Nels. & Tim Niel. Hope to see them at the swap meet/Steak Fry/Oct 2011 meeting. (This will be held at Danny’s on 15 Oct 2011 with the swap meet starting a 1000 hours {10 A.M.) and the steaks being served around noon. As we eat, the Oct meeting will take place.) Please bring one side dish for each couple. Guests not having a steak will not be asked for the $5 cost. Please make Tim, Chris, and their guests; feel welcome.

3. I will be updating our membership lists (General {list for all members with the info on this list as the members wish} & Master {list for officers only with complete info on the members}). Please get back to me with any changes on your info (name, home address, telephone #s, e-mail, #1 vehicle) to go on the Master List and what info you would be willing to have on the General List.

4. George Spar, gave the treasury report (we still have money but none of us are heading to Vegas). A count of people coming to the 15 Oct 2011 events/meeting was taken and a few extra steaks were added in. Get with George ASAP if you were not counted. (See, you should try to be at the meetings if you can).

5. There will be no Nov 2011 meeting as it is too close to Thanksgiving. Dec 2011 meeting will held on 3 Dec 2011 at Famous Dave’s as well as our X-mas dinner (members must pay for own meals). More info in the next (Nov) newsletter.

6. Dirk B. will have his jeep (registrated) in the Taylorsville Veterans’ Day (registration is asked before Oct 15th) Parade on 11-11-2011 (Fri). He hopes to see a few of our vehicles with him. It starts at 1100 hours (11A.M.) from 5400 South and about 1800 West by the Theater on the Northwest corner. Please arrive well before (0930 to 1000 hours) to meet up with him.

7. Our Club will be supporting the Ogden Veterans’ Day Parade on 12 Nov 2011. Greg B. is our point man. Dirk wants to be in this Parade but he is worried about the 70+ miles trip on his jeep. Can anyone (with a vehicle/trailer) help him out? Jeeps weigh about 2400 pounds.

8. Greg B. took some pictures for our 2012 UMVC calendar before the Sept meeting. I saw a beautiful jeep and a War Buggy. Please get with Greg as we really liked our calendar for 2010 (which sold out very quickly) and were disappointed in no calendar for 2011. If you have a good clear background (no modern stuff – natural) and can arrange a photo of your vehicle with Greg, please do so. Greg is also looking for flat (none wavy) photo prints or negatives he could use to blowup for a month. Please bring them to the 15 Oct meeting to share with him.

9. Jan 2012’s meeting will have a special by John Armstrong, Feb by George Spar., where March will be our meeting for election of Officers.

10. Dirk B. was at our Sept meeting (welcome back Dirk, we missed you) and gave some history (he was 16 when WWII broke out and in Holland, his native land). He was taken by the Germans to work in a factory that made locomotives. After the war was over, he came to the USA but returned to help his brother find and identify military plane wrecks and help report remains to the proper authorities. Metric bolts (etc.) meant Axis planes where standard sizes meant Allied.

11. The local movie is finish filming (several of our vehicles and Greg’s military plane were in the movie as well as some of our members). It will be released in the Spring of 2012. We have heard the title will be: “Saints & Soldiers, Airborne Heritage “. The last “Saints & Soldiers” movie was a success (we were in it also) and won awards in Europe (it is out on DVD). Both films were filmed here in Utah by the same company. Some of props were outstanding!

12. Meeting was ended by vote.

13. Dirk B. has some (over 40) 24 volt (they run very well on 12 volt) windshield wiper motors for sale. He also has a few of Jeep starter motors (6 & 12 volt) for sale also. He has several other items (one is an antenna) for jeeps for sale but he may have to find them. Call him at (801) 266-3258.

14. A WWII B-17G (EAA) is coming in to Airport #2 on 14 Oct thru 16 Oct 2011. Rides, tours (veterans free for this on the ground tour), and photo opportunities will be possible for prices. Please either call: 1 (800) 359-6217, check out their web site: , or their e-mail: . Donations accepted to keep this war bird flying.