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November 2011

1. This newsletter is coming out a little early to carry sad news. Danny Shimizu has passed on. His viewing will be this Friday (28 Oct 2011) at the Larkin Mortuary (260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City) from 6 to 9 P.M. Additional viewing will be before the Funeral Services this Saturday (29 Oct 2011), 10:30 to 11:45 A.M., at 200 South Eagle Ridge Drive (1085 to 1105 East) in the Eaglewood Ward Chapel, North Salt Lake. The time of the Funeral Services will be at 12:00 (noon) P.M. at the same place. He will be interned at the Salt Lake Cemetery. The UMVC will be sending flowers. Danny’s obituary is in the Salt Lake Tribune, 26 Oct 2011, page B7. Danny will be remembered for his kindness, abilities, and being a model member of our club with some wonderfully restored vehicles.

2. Our Steak Fry/Swap Meet was a great success with great food (besides the excellent, cooked to order, steaks by Bill A., Jr. with the kind help of his daughter, Lindsey). Those who missed it…….well, there’s always next year. Some extra steaks were sold to lucky club members and no one left hungry. Extra food went home also.

3. This was also our October Meeting. Harley started the meeting (which was shorten as we were all stuffed). Bill A. Sr. motioned to accept the Sept. meeting’s minutes with Ed K. seconded. George Spar. gave the Treasury’s report which was accepted by the members. THERE WILL NO NOVEMBER 2011 MEETING – it is too close to Thanksgiving – so we have a short break. Elwood P. worried about our IRS tax exemption papers that may have been misplaced. If anyone has info, please get in touch with Harley or George Spar. ASAP. Do you think we may be giving Harley too much work? Please be thinking of replacing our Club officers with yourself or others to share the work load. It is fun but we can not keep giving the same people the job while you sit back and enjoy the fun. We must work together and share.

4. Our Dec 2011 meeting will be a Dinner Meeting at: Famous Dave’s (7273 South Plaza Center Drive [about 3750 West, two buildings south of Men’s Warehouse], at the Jordan Landing Shopping Center, West Jordan, Utah). The date is 3 Dec 2011 (first Sat.) and will be at 1800 hours (6 P.M.) with members paying for their own food. This will also be a shorten meeting (I guess we do not have that many activities outside when the snow flies). Jan 2012 will be our next meeting at the Fort Douglas Museum on the last Thursday of the month at 1900 hours (7 P.M.). We have a new year of events to look forward to.

5. On Veterans’ Day, 11 Nov 2011 (Fri) will be the Taylorsville Veterans’ Day Parade. Dirk is registered in the Parade and would like to see some other vehicles in with him. He can just have you drive along with him. The Parade is forming at the Taylorsville Pool parking area (4912 South 2700 West – enter on 4900 South off 2700 West, south of the Taylorsville Library) at 0900 hours (9 A.M.). At 1100 hours, the Parade will go south on 2700 West, turn east on Taylorsville Blvd. (5320 South), and end at the Taylorsville City Hall. After the Parade, there will be an unveiling of a statue presenting Veterans of all wars.

6. On 11 Nov 2011 will be a Veterans’ Ball at the Roy City’s Elks Lodge. Call Doug Larsen at (801) 391-5932. The social will start at 1900 hours (7 P.M.), with the Dance at 2000 hours (8 P.M.). Cost is $25 @ person.

7. On 12 Nov 2011 (Sat.) will be Ogden City’s Veterans’ Day Parade. Meet in Ogden at 0930 to 1000 hours (9:30 to 10 A.M.) at 18th and Washington Blvd. The Parade will end at the Baseball Park (24th and Lincoln Ave.). The theme will honor the Viet Nam Veterans but all are welcome. Call Dennis Howland at (801) 389-1893 or Robert Porter at (801) 940-6487. Dirk is looking for help in getting his jeep up to this Parade and back (he is looking for a trailer/truck to tow his jeep). Please contact him at (801) 266-3258.

8. Dirk has decided to sell the American flags (48 star) and drapes that he has on his jeep in Parades. He getting a price ready and will have it shortly.

9. Mike F. had his M151 “mutt” out to the B-17 when it landed at Airport #2 on 14 Oct 2011. He gave the pilots a spin on the ground and they were most impressed.

10. We have a message from Ray Meld.: “I’d like to talk to you about a small film project, its one day commitment, filmed in Alpine, a token payment for fuel and time (I think $100 but this is to be confirmed) to vehicle owners. It is a student film and Ryan & Adam (director & producer of ‘Saints & Soldiers’) are doing everything they can to help since this guy seems to be a boy genius or a budding Spielberg. Probably will shoot on Nov 4th or Nov 5th, 2011. Time frame is early 1960’s and they need several military jeeps, MPs’, and trucks from that era. (I don’t know exactly how many yet M-38’s, M38A1’s, M37’s with trailers, 2 ½ ton trucks, etc.). It is not a spoof movie, but you are to be part of a serious military team investigating an alien spacecraft sighting. They also need 1950’s era soldiers in proper uniforms and gear as well. That is about all I know about this project so far. Seriously consider, call me if you think you might like to participate. Raymond S. Meldrum, American Patrol Canvas Co., P.O. Box 1735, West Jordan, UT 84084, USA, (801) 494-9852. E-mail: “!

11. “Jonathan (of: ) has for sale: 25’ x 25’ WWII camo net with scrim already placed, two M38 driver’s seats and two passenger’s seats, one ¼ or other landing leg with the cast part broken, two M100 (can be used on mbt or 416) Lunette receiver castings but no lunettes – one has the upper part of landing leg casting for sale if someone needs these in the club…More to follow soon. “ 20 Oct 2011 11:11 AM

12. Did you all try to get in touch with Greg B. to help put together our 2012 Calendar? Not having one for 2011 was most depressing. It has to be done before (at most) mid November. If you take/took a great picture of your vehicle (s) without people (or with people in proper uniform, with short hair, no beards, ladies in proper period attire, etc.) and period background back ground; Greg B. may be able to use it. It must be a flat print or (best) a negative. The vehicle is to be the center of attention and be identifiable.

13. This just came in: Our member Ephraim, , (801) 581-1251, has an event for the “Living History Detachment” that some of our members might be interested in. On 14 Nov 2011 (Monday) in the SLC Downtown Library at 1900 hours (7 P.M.), they will be having a 15 minute display of living manikins (who must look the part of military men and women: proper hair length – face, head, etc.; proper weight; fairly close age; proper & complete gear/uniforms of the period; etc.). Ephraim has a commitment for the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and a WWII Army GI. After the display, there will be a swing dance band. He is looking for other “military displayers” to step forward. Naked Scottish warriors (or like warriors) will not be accepted.