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December 2011

1. No meeting was held in the Month of Nov. (We did not want to interrupt Thanksgiving).

2. Dec.’s meeting will be held on the 3rd of Dec. at the Club dinner at Famous Dave’s (in Jordan Landing shopping area – 7273 South Plaza Drive (about 3600 West) at 1800 Hours (6 P.M.); members will pay for their (& their guests) own dinners. We will have a short meeting as everyone will be busy eating.

3. Our Jan 2012 meeting will be at 1900 Hours on the 26th of Jan 2012. We will be meeting at the back of the 2nd Bldg. of the Fort Douglas Museum , up east of the U of U.

4. I have info that Dirk Bahlman has decided to sell some of his WWII uniforms, military items, canvas, etc. Sorry, his jeep and vehicle parts are not for sale. Please contact him for a chance to see his stuff.

5. A good friend, Allen Gates, (801) 660-5799, has an M-1 Grande for sale. He is asking $700 or best offer for a .30-06 rifle (comes with a sling and cleaning kit) in firing condition. Rifle receiver is stamped “ Springfield Armory” (1942-43 ?) with a 1944 barrel. This rifle has been heavily used but still shoots live rounds. This could also be used as an excellent blank firing weapon or used with a vehicle. You may contact him by phone, or at 1199 South Redwood Drive (not Road), SLC , UT 84104, or by his wife’s e-mail: Holly was in the WWII Living History Assn. with me and has made Scottish gear for me. These are good people.

6. I was not able to make the 12 Nov 11 Ogden “Veterans’ Day Parade”. I hope to have someone give a report at the dinner.

7. I did make the Taylorsville 11-11-11 Vet. Parade. Jimmy Z. & I met at Dirk’s house. Jimmy was in WWII combat uniform and Dirk wore his Army Air Corp. uniform. Dirk rode with me in my nice warm pickup while Jimmy drove his open jeep in the cold to the start of the Parade. Dirk drove his jeep in the Parade with Jimmy as his passenger. I marched (staggered) with the VFW in my HBT uniform. After the Parade, Taylorsville dedicated a memorial to US military in front of the Taylorsville city building. Jimmy drove Dirk’s jeep home while Dirk rode with me. He remarked at all the car people waving at Jimmy and how good he looked driving his jeep.

8. I am trying to put together new membership information lists. Remember that there are two Lists. One for the General membership and One is only for the officers (your humble newsletter editor is such an officer) – a Master List that contains full information. I need every Club member (this means ALL of you now!) to get back to me with all of this info:

A. Your name and how you would like to have your name On The General List = (OTGL).

B. Your full home (business?) address and how you would like to have your address OTGL.

C. Your home telephone # (cell, work, etc.?) and how you would like to have your phone # OTGL.

D. Your e-mail and how you would like to have your e-mail OTGL.

E. Your #1 vehicle (Year, Make, Model) and how you would like to have your #1 vehicle OTGL.

F. If your decision is not to have one of these “facts” on the General List, note that the info is still needed for the Master List but your desires will be followed on the General Membership List.

G. If you want only your e-mail name (single sent newsletter) and not combined with several other members e-mail names (multi sent newsletter); you must tell me!

H. If you do not have one of these “info facts”, you must tell me.

I. If I do not receive this information from you, I will be forced to use info from our old Lists. I must have this information before 15 Dec 2011 to change our Lists so I can get them out by the JAN 2012 meeting.

J. I am not going to make a new List every time we get or loose a member. The member will be announced in the newsletter (as she/he requests) and you will have to update your List yourself. The Master List will be maintained by the officers.

K. Get back to me at: ; or B. Morgan, 4411 West Twilight Drive, Kearns , UT 84118-5239 (Print Clearly); or call me at (801) 966-2031 (Speak Slowly & Clearly).

L. This info is only for the use of our members & officers and may not be given/sold/etc. to others without consent of that member.

9. If you have not received your newsletter, get in touch with me ASAP.

10. Remember elections are coming up! Please be ready to step up!