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January 2012

Well it has been an interesting month; both with Highs and Lows.

1. The next meeting of the UMVC will be at 7:00 PM on the last Thursday of this month ( 26 Jan 2012 ). Location: 32 Potter Street , Fort Douglas Museum (second Building) in the back. There will be an informal (pay for your own food) dinner at Chuck O Rama about 5 to 5:30 PM (1700 to 1730 hours) on 400 South about 750 East (south side of the street) in SLC .

2. We will remember, with sadness, of our loss of William Abbott Jr. and his kindness to our Club. With Danny Shimizu’s passing (he also will be missed) and the loss of his club house, we will be meeting in the backroom of the Fort Douglas Museum for the foreseeable future.

3. Our Club had our annual X-mas dinner at Famous Dave’s on 3 Dec 2011 . We had a good turnout and the food was great. However, it did not offset the poor conditions for holding this annual event. We need to identify a location that will guarantee a reservation, will not make us wait over an hour to be seated (and not split up our seated members as we were trying to hold a quick monthly meeting), is not super noisy, and could be more affordable. Thanks to members who carpooled to get some of our people there. Ideas and suggestions of a new place are welcome at this time; so be thinking.

4. A new member, Matt, has joined our Club (at the dinner) and is another passionate military vehicle enthusiast. We welcome him to our Club.

5. Greg Brubaker completed the UMVC’s 2012 calendar and bought them to the X-mas dinner. Several of the members’ vehicles are featured in our calendar this year. Greg has done a great job. The Club is selling them for $10 each until they are gone. The UMVC 2012 calendars will be for sale at the 26 Jan 2012 meeting.

6. At the this month’s Club meeting, a few of our needed agenda items will include: a. Setting the events calendar for 2012. b. Identifying individuals to give a presentation of military vehicle related topics at our meetings in 2012. In 2011, several of our member’s (and guests) presentations were given at our meetings. Some of those topics included the restoration of the M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, military fabrics & textiles, the restoration of the front end steering linkage on a jeep, etc.

All members are requested to offer suggestions (and volunteer to give one such presentation) for topics to be covered and potential presenters (who do not have to be members). Sharing experience & knowledge of military vehicles, and other related topics of interest, is a way to make our meetings more valuable to all members. Please help to keep our meetings interesting and bring your suggestions to the 26 Jan 2012 meeting or E-mail them to our president at: c. Announcements of nominations for new officers as elections are to be held at our 29 March 2012 meeting. (We can not keep giving the same jobs to the same people as they are already working hard and it is a wonder they can keep giving us such great service. OTHER PEOPLE MUST STEP UP !!! Or we may lose our friends from “burn-out”. Plus, if you are displeased with any of our officers {me also} in any way, prove it by taking over from us.) d. Other business as you will decide on and Club officers decide on.

7. Jim Peterson, Wendover Airport Manager, has announced that their annual air show will be held on Saturday, 22 Sept 2012 . Mark your calendars.

8. It has come to attention of your Club officers, that a few of our members could use some help in getting to our monthly meetings and other events. Due to age & other conditions, it would be helpful if members could assist in carpooling these members. Please offer to help other members keep their interest in military vehicle activities by helping with their transportation needs. We welcome and need all the participation in Club events that we can get. (Of course, we would have to know who these members are – there is no sense in staying home to “guard” against your embarrassment).

I am one of these members. I have a condition that makes me freeze up (no body movement) for 5 to 30 seconds and I have no idea it is happening or that it happened. Of course I can not drive (although I have seen several Utah drivers that seem to have the same problem) and it is driving me nuts. I wrecked my wife’s car and had to sell my Dodge WC52 to get her a new one. I was doing better and started driving again when it has started again. Luckily, Karen was able to grab the steering wheel until I came out of it. Of course my doctor has stated that I must stop driving again until I have not had an attack in three months time. Karen has been most helpful in driving me around but can not drive me everywhere as she has her job at night and does not like to drive “long” (to Fort Douglas ) distances and back. I have told Harley that if I can not get rides to our events, I will have to drop out of the UMVC and resign my jobs. I am willing to share the cost of gas, take my driver to dinner at my expense, and mold my schedule around the carpool.

I planned on getting a new project to work on at home. I was offered a parts vehicle: (WC51 with all parts there but needs an engine rebuild, some new brackets bought from military vehicle suppliers or repaired, new electrical wiring, some paint, etc. (cost around $5,000). For $2,000 more, I could have a ‘rolling chasse’. Or I could pay $15,000 to around $20,000 to have someone else redo the vehicle. Plus I would have to pay the shipping costs. Karen hit the ceiling and stated that until I was better (plus a “few” months), I could not have another military vehicle. Sigh. She controls the money (other wise we would be broke).

This has ruined my plan to buy an M4 high speed tracked artillery tractor (early WW2) from Sam Winer at missing an engine and the storage “box” that seems to have the same chasse as an early M3 Stuart tank. He sent me several pictures of the M4 (and M5,6,etc.) and sold me an original M4 manual (which I will bring to the meeting as Bob Pastor has kindly offered to drive me). I wrote to “Tec Tips” of the ‘Military Vehicles Magazine’ and asked if I could do this. Steve Turchet answered in most polite language that the M4 was 9” too wide, about two feet too long, the M4 tracks would not fit a M3, etc but that “anything is possible if you throw enough money at it”. My replica inexpensive M3 tank could be made!

I wrote to Northeast Military Vehicle Services, LLC ( or about my plan and Andy wrote back in most polite language (so I will translate): “Are you nuts? To build this dumb thing will cost you as much as a running fully restored M5 Stuart tank (that we have for sale at: $185,000; oops, sorry, it was just sold) or you could buy a titled, fully restored M8 Greyhound, with gas cannon and gas .50 cal MG on the turret upper ring, all restored, fixed to better than new brakes, licensed for the street, drivable, etc.; for $74.000 plus shipping. There is a buyers’ market in armor now.” (This is the guy who offered me the WC51). I told Karen and she hit the ceiling twice more! (This has got to stop as I have to pay for repairs out of my allowance). Their website is outstanding! What to buy WW2 German tank {1 to 1 replica}?

11. Movies: “Warhorse” is a great WW1 show and has some very good looks of the trenches and their gear and vehicles.

“Red Tails” starts this Friday. It is about WW2 black airmen and their rise to an excellent fighter plane unit. They go from P-40s to P-51s with outstanding special effects and great, believable ground sets (with vehicles). This movie was directed by George Lucas (who had to pay out his own pocket to produce this film and see to its’ distribution as Hollywood had “other things” to spend their money on). You should go to see both of these.

12. Vehicles for Sale :

a. Dan Tafoya, C = 801-687-5199 or ; has decided to sell his 1968 M715 Jeep, 5/4 ton cargo truck used during and in the Viet Nam war. He is asking for $3,500. He bought this vehicle with 1,200 miles on it and has driven it to 1,700 miles + or – . Vehicle is almost complete (needs a battery box cover, does not have the roof bows and cover for the rear cargo box, and has very minor rust). It is 24 volt (which operates the working front winch), the driver/passenger seats area is covered by an after market “bikini top”, and may need a little paint. It comes with ax, shovel, pick, gas can, with straps; is licensed/drivable; new tires; and he will throw in some trip seats that may have come from another vehicle. Danny thinks this vehicle may have had a radio earlier but is not sure.

b. Ed Bell is back in town and can be reached at 801-990-6871 or online at . Ed wants to sell his 1943 M2A1 half-track (approximately 80% complete) made by the White Truck Co. The winch works. It was driven (front first) into a wooden storage shed [tight fit] sometime ago. Ed has worked hard on this vehicle (taking it down to the frame for sandblasting and priming) and painted parts as he put them on. One mine rack is missing from one side. The front armor (from where the doors latch) is all original. The rear armor is unhardened reproduction with all correct door, footman loops holes, bow brackets, etc. There are no top bows or canvas. The shovel/ax/pick are missing but all the brackets are there. All other original parts are there but not all of them are on the vehicle. The bed is in very good shape. Some of parts can be used as patterns for sheet metal replacement as they are rusty. The skate rail is there with gun trolleys and gun mounts but no guns. There are 10 (?, I thought there were 8 on the short bed ½ tracks) original seats with covers. The tracks are fair but the aircraft steel cables in them are unbroken. There are two combat wheels (with regular tires on them now but Ed has two correct original war ply tires unmounted). One gas tank can be used but the other should be rebuilt. Ed has two WW2 radios, antennas, and an original gas can that can be bought separately. Ed would like this vehicle to stay in Utah but he has not decided on a price yet. Offers would be appreciated.