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February 2012

1. Our Club members missing are: Abbott, Shimizu , Parham, and Tomlin. Please remember them and how they added to our Club.

2. Layne gave the Pledge of Alliance.

3. We have NEW MEMBERS: Mike Hart, Matt M., & Pete Park. Welcome! Note: For those have not paid, dues are due for 2012.

4. Info from our Dec. 2011 meeting were discussed and a 2012 X-Mas dinner Coordinator was to be affirmed at this meeting.

5. As our Treasurer was out of town in Jan 2012, the 2011 finance report will be given at the Feb 2012 meeting.

6. Greg did a great job on the 2012 UMVC calendars Thank-you! They will be at the meeting and for sale at $10 a piece or three for $24. Do you have friend who needs one? Greg spent $xxx.xx which the club will repay.

7. Ephraim has spoken spoke to Doug Shimizu about the Ft. Douglas Museum buying Danny’s WW2 Chevy 1½ ton truck. Members are asked to give $50 to $100 to help the Museum buy and restore this vehicle. A special plaque in Danny’s name & our Club will be with this restored vehicle. (Save your cancelled checks as this is a tax free gift).

8. Car pooling for members who can not drive to meetings and events was discussed. Please help out our fellow members.

9. 2012 Activities/Event Schedule: (Note: Unless otherwise listed, all meetings will be on the last Thur. of the month at 7 PM at Ft. Douglas )

9a. Ed S. gave great information (with photos of his trip) of Pearl Harbor , 70th Observance of Dec. 7th, 1941 at the Jan 2012 meeting.

9b. Jim P, of Wendover Air Field, will give a briefing of the 307th Bomb Group Hanger repairs at the Feb meeting. He will also have info of the next Air Show up coming.

9c. March 29th will be our Club elections, be thinking of helping out.

9d. April 15 – 22 will be the Lodi military vehicle show, any body wish to carpool?

9e. May Club Campout? 11 – 12 or 18 – 19? Please come with ideas.

9f. June 4 – 9 (D-Day) June will be Fruitland, Idaho MV rally. Carpool is sharing costs but lots of fun depending how you do this.

9g. July 4th Provo Parade (Freedom Festival) more info soon 9h. August will be our (?) Summer Campout. Please come with ideas & commitments. Is it a Campout if no one comes? Remember, a cabin in the mountains, has been offered as a destination .

9i. September 22nd (plus or minus extra days) will be the Wendover Air Show. Please make sure that all members get back home safely.

9j. October 13th BBQ/meeting. This is our steak night and it is planned to be at Fort Douglas . November = no meeting.

9k. December 1st will be the X-Mas dinner, response from the members before this would be appreciated.

10. Anyone have something to put on our webpage? You must take credit. Get with Mike F

11. We have info on the second “Saints & Soldiers” movie.


12a. Steve B (our member in IL) wants to buy an uncut M151, M151A1, or M151A2 mutt (1966 – 68) that he can restore (cost not too high as it must be shipped to IL) or will look at a partly restored one if the price is right. Check your General List.

12b. Steve is also interested if there is a tank (WW2?) for sale in Utah . Note the Stewart near Heber City is not for sale as it is only on loan to that town by the US Army. Does anyone have a lead?


13a. Our Club still has T-shirts, hats, and other UMVC stuff to sell but we could use some more vehicle info signs (not metal?), mounts, etc. Please come to the meeting with ideas and where to get these items.

13b. Dave T (UMVC member in Orem ) has five 7.00×16 tires (minor cracks) for $20 each or same tires (with no cracks) for $30 – $85 each. He also has rims/wheels (15” & 16”) without tires mounted for $10 – $20 each. 801-787-7374 or check your membership List.

13c. Johnathan S (UMVC member) has for sale: ammo crates, a CCKW transfer case (still in the crate) for $300, driver & passenger seats for M38s or M38A1s, MG ring mounts with other MG mounts & MG stuff, and much more surplus items. Get in touch with him.

14. Changes were made to the Master/General Lists:

15. Bob Smart (not a UMVC member) has asked that anyone who in interested in Jack Tomlin’s stuff or would like him to help you sell something (find something?) to just get in touch with him at: Cell = 801-232-2322; address: #100, 774 E 3300 S, SLC , UT 84106 ; or Email him at: His rates will be reasonable.

16. In the next newsletter, single vehicles that the owners wanted to add their trailers to so their vehicle would be a set. So the next newsletter will have a section for ‘sets’. All owners of a single vehicle with trailer to make a set, MUST get in touch with me. I will need your vehicle’s make/model/year and your trailer’s make/model/year. They will be listed in a section labeled: “SETS”. All members will be offered the chance to update their information.

17. The next newsletter (April), I will choose a member who has more than one vehicle (or other items) in his/her inventory. That member and I will make a list of them for the April newsletter. The May newsletter will see another member who has more than one…… All members will have a chance to be listed if they wish. All members will offered the chance to update their information.

18. If I have chosen your main vehicle incorrectly, tell me and I will list the changes in the newsletter after I received your info. All members will be offered the chance to update their List.

19. A display of WW1 uniforms, gear, weapons, tank, ambulance, etc. will be at Fort Douglas Museum area on Feb 24th ( 2 PM – 5 PM , no vehicles) and on Feb 25th ( 9 AM – 5 PM , with vehicles). Free display but donations accepted.

20. It has come to my attention that our member Ben J will be returning from his mission (to be released – 7 March). He will be speaking at his Sacrament (0900 hours) meeting at: 250 West Elberta Drive , Pleasant View, Utah . Welcome back Ben. We look forward to your being at our next meeting – Feb 23rd, 7 PM , at the Fort Douglas Museum

21. Meeting ended.