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March 2012

1. Our meeting opened at the Fort Douglas Museum with the Pledge of Alliance. Minutes were read from the last meeting in Feb.

2. Dues were paid ($15 a year as close to beginning of the year or before) and the Financial Report was given and several calendars were sold. Greg was paid $256.44 for his great work on our 2012 calendars. Welcome back George Sp.

3. It was announced that elections will be held for the posts of: President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Sgt. of Arms/Quartermaster, and 2012 December Xmas Dinner coordinator at the March meeting (29 March 2012, 1900 hours [7 P.M.] at the Fort Douglas Museum – second building in its’ back). Please give a break to our leaders and do the job yourself? Bill A. will be in charge. How about the 3 – 4 March Gun Show? Who showed up with their vehicles? Report please.

4. Ephram gave an up date on the museum’s try to get and restore Danny’s WWII, 1 ½ ton, Chevy army truck. Any $$$ would be welcomed.

5. Please help members get to our meetings as needed. Thanks to those who already do so.

6. We are planning events for this year (more events will be announced as we get the information):

a. Did anyone make it to the 17 – 18 March 2012 Air Show at St. George? We would like a report, at our meeting on 29 March (and elections).

b. Lodi will be 15 – 22 April (George Sp. will be our point man with all the info) and will give a report at our 26 April meeting.

c. 31 May meeting with Jim Peterson as our guest speaker (YF16s, helicopters, etc. with the USAF). We are planning a Military Vehicle Campout (11 or 19 ??) and will have a report.

7. 28 June meeting. We hope to have a report on the Fruitland, Idaho show & swap meet which is either 4 – 9 or 6 – 10 June. More on this soon.

8. 26 July meeting. Provo ’s 4th of July Parade is on a Wednesday. George St. has put a lot of effort into earlier ones so we should help out the new guy. There be other 4th of July Parades if you can not do Provo ’s.

9. 30 August meeting. Plans to be worked out for the camp out at Lucy & Clyde’s cabin in the woods. It is a small place so plan on real camping with a cleaned camp site as we come home.

10. 27 September meeting. Wendover Air Show on 22 Sept., set up the night before (if you can). This is a fine show we have supported before and will need a report on this at our meeting.

11. 13 October meeting. There will be a very short meeting at our Oct BBQ/Swap Meet. This will be at Fort Douglas Museum area. More info at a later time. The steaks are free to paid up members.

12. No meeting in November, too close to Thanksgiving. There will be a large Nov 11 parade in Ogden on 10 Nov. Veterans’ Day falls on a Sunday.

13. 1 or 8 December will be our dinner at a restaurant (all pay for their own food) set up by our new Xmas Dinner Coordinator. Suggestions welcome.

14. Other Business:

a. New information is needed to help the website keep up to date.

b. Current PX inventory was up dated & we still have some hats, T-shirts, small flags, etc of our UMVC. New signs describing our vehicles is being looked into.

c. I was called by members who have a trailer they wanted mention in the General Membership List but there was no room. So here are the members’ trailers: Barry K. Skinner, 1952 M38 jeep with a 1952 M100 trailer. Ed Smith, 1942 GPW (Ford) jeep with a Duhbar Kapple (?) M100 trailer No more info was given to me. I will contact a member, with more than one vehicle, and list all his vehicles in each month’s newsletter.

d. The filming is over but post work continues. Within one to two weeks, they will be releasing a Trailer (preview) of Saints and Soldiers II.

15. Our President (UMVC) Speaks: Jim Peterson was our guest speaker at our Feb meeting. He spoke of the history and showed slides of Wendover Air Field. He also gave ideas of how this Historical Monument should be restored to. His goals are very high minded but if the houses of ill report are not included, I would be very disappointed. Wendover is doing well with its’ hanger rebuild but would like to do more. He should have the same program at the Air Show in September for others to watch (put on by another as he will be busy).

16. I have run into a WWII soldier’s stories from his son. Alfred S. joined the US Army on 15 Nov. 1942 (discharged on 13 Nov.1945) told his son that their Company was told they would suffer a 98 % casualty rate – and they did. Alfred trained on behind enemy lines for the 85th Calvary Recon Squadron, Mechanized, of the 5th Armored Division, of Patton’s 3rd Army. He was a Tech. Corporal, jeep driver. He fought in Europe , from the break out at St. Lo, to all other battles (he was wounded in France but returned to duty). His unit went behind German Lines with five to six jeeps, a half-track, and a couple of M8 Greyhound lightly armored cars to gather info, destroy enemy resupply, and make the enemy’s rear unsafe.

I will start off with a complaint against the M8. It seemed the soldiers who manned them were unhappy as rifle fire (Armor Piecing rounds) were not stopped by its’ armor. Their officer did not believe this and said he would prove it. He loaded up a M1 rifle with AP rounds and fired it at the M8’s turret. His round pieced the vehicle and bounce around until it damaged the radio. The upper brass were not pleased with the damaged radio. I will mention Alfred with a story in each month’s newsletter until they are ended. Look for them: Patton’s Ghost Raiders.