Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

April 2012

1. Members and guests were welcomed as our meeting began at 1900 hours (or a little past 7:00 P.M. really) with our Flag Pledge. Willie Dunford (801-510-1099) was from Kaysville to announce they were having a 4 July 2012 parade and could use some military vehicles (the active and reserve military would not be able to help this year as they are busy) to carry veterans in their parade. Members who are not able to help in the Provo 4 July Parade are asked to think about helping Kaysville.

2. George Spar. gave our Treasury report and we still have some money. We may have to spend some of our treasury to stay nonprofit. This will be looked at and discussed at our 28 June 2012 meeting at Fort Douglas (1900 hours). We could also use some more items to sell to members and others. Come to our 28 June Meeting with your ideas.

3. Past Events:

a. The 26 – 27 May 2012 Hill AFB Air Show has had some problems with our false weapons on the Flightline. We look forward to a report by one of our members who attended.

b. 6 – 9 June 2012 Fruitland ( Idaho ) MVPA Annual Vintage Military Show; Bill Abbott was our contact. (Note: We hope for a report from our CONTACT at our next meeting.)

c. 8 – 9 June 2012 was a gun show(?)

d. 9 June 2012 was a Parade in Orem at 1900 Hours. John Johnson was our contact.

e. 16 – 17 June 2012 Gun Show at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy .

f. 23 June 2012 was a display at Pleasant View.

g. 24 June 2012 was a Car Show at Larry Miller’s car dealership.

4. Future Events:

a. 4 July 2012 Stadium of Fire Provo Parade; Contact: George Stokes

b. 4 July 2012 Parade at Kaysville. Contact : Willie at (801) 510-1099.

c. 6 August 2012 Rocky Mountain Gun Show, Sandy: Contact George Spar

d. 24 – 25 August 2012 Camping at Lucy & Clyde’s Cabin. More at Meeting on 28 June 2012 .

e. 9 Sept 2012 Fruitland ( Idaho ).

f. 22 Sept. 2012 Air Show Wendover (need a Contact).

5. Old Business:

a. If possible, please help members get to our meetings & events.

b. A report was given on Fort Douglas ’s museum efforts.

c. A Proposal was made to look into affiliating our Club with the Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc. (MVPA). The anti firearm (both real & display only – with no ammo on display sites, was not taken well. If the MVPA sign is used, the no firearm policy is in effect. More discussion will be at our 28 June meeting.

d. It was recommended that our members try to get their vehicles into more local car shows. It seems that more people stop by our toys to talk & look longer at them than the regular show toys. I won a 2nd Place in a small Murray Car Show several years ago but we could use the chance to get our info out there. If you are not in the running for the winning places, most Car Shows are free.

e. Our Facebook page will be up soon,; more info at the next meeting (hopefully).

6. New Business:

a. Dirk B. is out of the hospital and back home. He fell and hurt his hip. Thanks to all the members who stopped by or sent things to him. He is going to try to make a meeting when he is better. He also still has military items for sale. Call first to see if it is OK to stop by.

b. If possible, please try to help member make our meetings and events. What do we need to try and reactivate members who have left our Club? Why did they leave would be a good start.

c. Suggestions for meeting presentation topics and volunteers to do them is wanted for our next meeting ( 28 June 2012 at Ft. Douglas–1900 Hrs)

d. It would be nice to see more of our military vehicles at our meetings. BYMV! A small prize will be voted by our members for the best vehicle.

e. When you bring or know of a guest at our meeting, please get them to sign the passed around roll. I was asked about a guest and had not gotten the info. Bad work, secretary! It might be better to replace me.

f. Keep your info on the Master Membership List (only officers see it) and General Membership List (for all members) current! Please alert me by phone, email, regular mail, or talk to me at the meeting. You can have less info on the General List but all your info is needed on the Master List.

g. Great work on the newsletter Ephram. (I am OD green with envy!). Please try to have newsletter info gotten to Ephram before the 15th of the month if you want it in that month. Earlier would be better. A member gets a free advertisement at least once.

h. Ed Bell, (801) 990-6871, has not sold his half-track yet and would like to have a member look at it. A price has not been set yet.

i. Bruce bought a 48 star U.S. flag (not cloth) he got for $21.00 to the May meeting. It is less than “real” ones are. See him for info.

j. Members discussed a trip out to Antelope Island as a campout or drive for one of our “convoys”. What do you think? The black flies were not a positive note late in the year. Please come to a meeting to have your say or make subjections.

7. Meeting dates: 28 June 2012 (see d. above); 26 July 2012 ; 30 August 2012 ; 27 Sept. 2012 ; 13 Oct. 2012 (Club picnic, swap meet, and meeting for Oct.); No meeting in November; and either 1 or 8 Dec. 2012 (Club X-mas Dinner – To be decided yet – have any ideas?

8. Items for sale: Dated Navy sleeping bag, Field Jacket, MB jeep grill & tub. See Ben Johnson: or check your General Membership List. And Ed Bell’s half-track. And military items and clothing from both Dirk B. & Ray Mel. for sale.