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June 2012

1. Welcome current members, guests recognized (Hi Nathan C.), and an old member (he does videos – check with Ben J.)

2. Pledge of Allegiance and UMVC meeting called to order. Greg B.(El Presida)in Charge.

3.May’s meeting minutes read and Secretary was notified that these minutes must be in the hands of the officers (and any member who can not wait for the newsletter) no later than the 10th of the month.

4. George Spar. gave our Financial Report and started that we had money and enough for the “Steak/Bar-B-Que + Swap Meet” that will be held on 13 Oct 2012.

5. Layne S. gave a quick note of our UMVC items for sale. Quartermaster Report.

6. Reports were given on past UMVC supported events:

a. June 6-9, Fruitland, ID MVPA Annual Vintage Military Show – Bill A. reported several of our members were there in one area (showing/selling/buying). Mention was made of some wind/rain but a good time was had by all. Photos were shown.

b. June 9th, Orem Parade at 1900 hours (7 P.M.) John J. reported.

c.June 23rd, Display at Pleasant View – President Greg B. reported.

7. Future Events Upcoming: (Reports to be given at July 26th meeting at Fort Douglass Museum – 1900 hours)

a. 4th of July Parades (Provo – Stadium of fire) and (Kaysville). TV showed a halftrack but I could find no more notes or photos of us.

b. July 19-23, Warbird Roundup at Ogden Airport (see Greg B.). A B-25 is to be there along several other displays.

c. August Gun Show at Southtown Event Center (our vehicles on display? Note: You must have an almost empty gas tank and an oil catch device under your vehicle.

d. Aug 24-25, Camping at Lucy & Clyde’s Cabin.

e. Sept 22, Wendover Air Show.

8. Old Business:

a. If possible, try to help members (and past members) get out to our meetings.

b. Fort Douglas now has a newly restored M151 Jeep. They still need help with their 1 1/2 ton WWII Chey. Try to come out (Tue- Sat) to check out the new displays of the Museum. They close at 1700 hours (5 P.M.)

c. Discussion was held on the possibility of our UMVC joining the Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc. (MVPA). Greg B. is interested in this. It is felt that this would give our Club more recognition (and possibly, more members). It was brought up that to join the MVPA, all officers of our Club would have individually join the MVPA at $45 per year plus our regular dues of $15 per year. The MVPA also does not seem to like fake or real guns (weapons) on vehicles, costumed reenactors as part of the display, or openly carried by members at events. What do you think? Come to a meeting to let your feelings known. Are you telling your friends about us?

d. One of the reasons you should think about putting your military vehicles (Museum Vehicles?) in a “Car Show”, is to make the UMVC more known to the public. Some Car Shows will let you put your vehicle in for free if you are not trying for a prize and don’t get the T-shirt. Be sure to ask first and have UMVC emblems for the crowd to see. You could be talking to a possible new member and you will be getting our info out to more people. Do you have a Car Show you would like us to support? (Magna Car Show on Labor Day comes to mind). Tell us ASAP so we can plan for it.

e. Other: It seems to help to have a scale model of your vehicle on display with the real thing. Here is a basic three day project to add to your display. Member to shorten the business part so we can have new parts. Of course, to give your suggestions, YOU must make a meeting.

f. Is there a special topic you would like covered at a meeting? How about a special speaker? You have to let us know in advance and you could take the lead.

g. We had several members work to bring their vehicle to this meeting. Bob P. & I drove up in his work, parade, display M-35 Duce and a half. Be careful to read the signs on the field curbside as your vehicle may be towed by the U of U parking police. (Let’s see they try to tow the M18 Hellcat!) After 1700 hours, it seems OK. Ephram allowed us to park the M35 in the fensed in display area while Bob & me took TRACs for some downtown action. A drawn prize was given to Reuel for his WWI ambulance (which he is thinking of turning it into a staff car – any General Pershing look-a-likes or helpful hints?).

h. Other: I found some ‘forever’ USPS first class stamps the Club bought and I gave them to our Newsletter Editor, Ephram. If you want something in our Newsletter, you must get it to him before at least the 15th of the month. It would be better to get it to him by the 10th or earilier.

9. Future meetings of the UMVC (2012): July 26th, August 30th, Sept 27th, (Note that unless special, our meetings begin at 1900 hours [7 P.M.], at the second Fort Douglas Museum building, on the last Thur. of the month.), SPECIAL – Oct 13th (steak/Bar-b-que/swap meet/meeting) Saturday -starting about 1000 hours [10 A.M.], SPECIAL – no meeting in November, SPECIAL – Dec 1st or 8th (Sat. night) will be our X-mas dinner meeting. Where would you like to go that can seat all of us and still have a short meeting? This open for discussion.

10. Other: CAESAR was at the Murray City & Park City 4th of July parades on his HIGH Cycle. Ed K., you might want to talk with him about riding his WWII 45 Harley in Parades. I have done it and it is a Blast! You might want to have some tank bags as Parades are family events.

11. Meeting ended about 2055 hours when the members & guests went to look at the vehicles, buy some UMVC items from Layne, and chat.