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July 2012

1. Greg B. welcomed our members and had the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Reading of the June 2012 Minutes was bypassed. What a good job Ephram D. III has been doing with our newsletter (of which our Minutes are part of). He is going to try &get it out earlier. So if you want something in it, contact him ASAP.

3. George Spar., Treasurer, gave the Financial Report.

4. Layne S., Quartermaster, gave a report of the items we had left in our UMVC store. It was spoken on ideas for new vehicle signs to be sold to members (what you are displaying) and a new supplier is being checked out. Cost is estimated at $25. This will be mentioned in our next newsletter. You will have to make the base. We still have hats, shirts, etc. for sale. What are your wishes on new stuff? Bruce brought a box of UMVC items from Danny’s place. Kits for signing up new members were handed out. George St. (and his lovely wife) brought several magnetic vehicle signs for some of our vehicles and the UMVC.

5. Reports were given on “Pasted Events” our club has been doing in the public eye:

a. The “Bring Your Vehicle to a Meeting” was a success and Ipson won the prize drawing for his WWI vehicle (note – he is thinking of changing it to a staff car). From the last newsletter, you can see some of the vehicles our club members drove, trailered, or had at the site. We will do this again in the future.

b. We had 18 vehicles in the Provo 4th of July Parade. George St. gave the report. It seems George was more than willing for someone else to do the organization of this but had to fill in at the last minute – Next Year Will Be Someone Else!!!!! Would you like the job?

c. Several of our members who were unable to make Provo were in local Parades with veterans in their vehicles at least two other parades to the North & East of SLC . Kaysville sent thank-yous for our support. Maybe we should be thinking of more local Parades? Come to a meeting next month (August 30th, Fort Douglas Museum, 1900 hours [7 P.M.]) and give us your views.

d.. Ogden Airport Warbird Roundup Report was given by Greg B.

e. A report was given of the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc.) of which several members attended. We had Ed Sm. speak on the MVPA and stated that reenactors were there, vehicles & people were armed, the cost to join is only $40, etc. The next MVPA meeting at the Redstone Museum , Higgins’ boat – D-day in Portland OR . Anyone want to start planning on going?

6. Future Events:

a. Campout to Lucy & Clyde’s cabin on Aug 24 – 25. They have put themselves out for us so please try to be there. Do you need directions or a map?

b. August 25th – 26th Gun Show at Southe Town mall was canx

c. Woods cross Car Show on August 25th see George Spar for map & info. $25 and you are part of the prize getting with a T-shirt.

d. Sept 22nd Air Show at Wendover. They would like you to be there the evening before. Person in Charge?

e. 28th, 29th, & 30th of Sept. will be a display at the Tooele Complex. Ed K. is the person to check with and he says there will be security so your vehicle will be safe to leave.

f. Park City would like us in their Parades in 2013. Person in Charge?

7. Old Business:

a. Try to get members and old members to meetings. Also we will try to shorten the business part of the meetings for topics to be spoken on.

Note: if your vehicle is 30 years old, for $10 more you can get “Vintage” License Plate for your vehicle that will allow you to drive on Utah roads ($10 @ year after that – one inspection needed). If you use your vehicle daily for work, etc., you may want a regular plate. It is worth checking into.

b. We had a report from Ephram on the Fort Douglas projects and he is looking into a small space for our UMVC stuff. (He is already storing club stuff for us – good guy!).

c. More info was given on local car shows and membership kits handed out for patricians to give out our info. Several old newsletters could be handed out as well. Come to a meeting (or ask for) and get some. On Labor Day, there is a Car Show in Magna. We have done before – I have the t-shirts to prove it.

d. We discussed ideas on how to best display our vehicles. Work in progress still should be clean.

e. Ray Mel.’s movie trailer with Greg’s aircraft running from an ME 109 was very good – Saints & Soldiers II. Would you like to see it? Get in touch with Bruce. The movie is now playing. Someone want to give me transport?

8. New business:

a. From Danny’s Place came a plaque with a .50 cal bullet, pictures, etc. Ephram now has them.

b. Jimmy Z displayed a early WWII jeep pole with gun mount that he built for his vehicle. It had a metal label and was painted O.D. He described what he had to do to make it and it did look good. Maybe he could make some more with a set of late war legs? Get in touch with him.

9. Our meetings are at Fort Douglas Museum (2nd Building) at 1900 hours on the last Thursday of the month unless notified:

a. 30 Aug 2012

b. 27 Sept 2012

c. Special: 13 Oct 2012 Swap Meet/Picnic at Back of Museum at ??? hours.

d. No meeting in November

e. Special: December 1st or 8th for X-mas dinner to be decided on soon. Suggestions – PLEASE ?

f. 31 Jan 2013

10. Meeting ended.