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August 2012

1. Vice President – Robert B in charge as Greg was out of town. Members and Guests welcomed as meeting started at 1903 hours and Ed K. gave the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Reading of July 2012 minutes voted accepted as is (not read).

3. Park City ’s Mr. Smith stood and gave a request for some of us to be in the 4th of July Parade in Park City in 2013, vehicles, uniforms, etc.. He can be reached at (915) 637-2627. This was tabled for discussion later.

4. Mike Combs – out of state visitor, is thinking of moving to Utah and wanted to check out the UMVC. He has a Ford GPW jeep & trailer plus a repair vehicle.

5. Treasurer’s report given by George Spar. Our books balance and we have some money ahead. Jokes were made if George had a ticket to the banker islands.

6. Quartermaster’s report was to show signs (license plate – $X and vehicle info – $XX). Several styles were shown on 8 ½ by 11 inch paper. Instead of a blank vehicle sign to which we applied stick on letters, you would give your info and it would be printed with the standard titles. (Be sure you get the info correct!) There are three styles of this info metal sign and you must supply the stand. Several members have old stands you can copy. Check with Layne but we should order as a group. They looked very good.

7. Past events: The campout at Lucy & Clyde’s cabin (24 – 25 August) was lightly attended. Good food was served. Those who made it had a good time.

8. Future events:

a. 22 Sept 2012 (Sat.) Wendover Air Show; Jim Petersen POC [ (He has codes to hotels, Camping on Wendover Air Area is $20 @ night, UMVC members [bringing vehicles and/or displays] camp free.). I have slept in an old hanger and on the airplane/display area with our vehicles on a cot in a sleeping bag. Some hotel rooms have been offered in the past and Danny took his motor home (towing vehicles) to the show.

b. 28, 29, 30 Sept 2012 – 400 North 500 West, Tooele Display – Ed K. POC. Security will be provided for the vehicles that stay the nights. Butterfield Canyon (about 10360 South – north of Camp Williams ) is open or you can take the long way around by Magna.

c. 13 Oct 2012 (Sat.) UMVC Club Picnic/swap meet/steak party in lieu of last Thur. of the month meeting. It will be at Fort Douglas Museum . The swap meet begins at 1000 hours and the food served at noon . It ends when we have had enough. George Spar. needs who is coming ASAP. The steaks are free to members (guests cost $5) and you are to bring a side dish or dessert dish. If there are left over steaks, you can buy them for $5 each. Either be on time or a little early.

d. 1 or 8 Dec 2012 (Sat.) Christmas dinner. It is being catered at Fort Douglas Museum but we needed views from members (especially with a member to work with Ephaim). If you do not respond, choices will have to be made. Please come to the Sept, Oct meetings and/or let your feelings known. No meeting in November 2012.

e. 30 Jan 2013 (Thurs.), first meeting of new year – have you paid your $15 @ person for a year dues?

f. We have been asked to have vehicles in the Park City 4th of July (2013) Parade. Please be thinking of this.

9. Old business:

a. Again, please help our members get to the meeting, parties, events, etc. Sometimes a second offer may be accepted.

b. We heard a report of how the Fort Douglas Museum is doing and a request for fund/help to help restore the 1 ½ ton WWII Chevy. Ephriam is doing a good job with the newsletter but he has many other duties. Please get stuff for the newsletter to him ASAP. Write it as you wish it to be and try to be concise.

c. A short brief was given on joining (at least Officers) the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). The matter was tabled for now. We need your thoughts/desires.

d. I (and friend who drove me) went to the Labor Day Magna Car Show on 3 Sept 2012 . My friend bought one of last year’s T-shirts ($2). There were over 250 vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles of all years/makes/styles – I liked the 1917 Ford pickup as it could be turned into an Army truck most easily) and the crowds were thick. I could have bought special (extra) parts by owners of some vehicles. Food was there, Democratic office seekers, kiddy games/rides, etc.

Why have I bought this up? Because at our meeting we discussed “More involvement in local car shows” Ipson gave me the emails to get local car show info: The disk jockey, J. C. Hacket, who covers the local events (some free), can be reached at: for a list of dates and locations/times. There is another email for another for a list of dates and locations/times.

e. What would it take to get your military vehicle out for public display? We needed more membership input on this. Plus we hope you will take some of our UMVC info out to the display or at least give out our web page at: We need to get the word out. How about bringing out our vehicle to Fort Douglas the week after the 13 Oct 2012 Lunch/Swap Meet?

f. We need to reactivate old members, help get members to the meetings/events, and show what a good Club we are. Suggestions?

g. Other? If you can not be at the meeting, call Bruce (or other member who will show up) to let your views into this category.

10. New Business:

a. A request is for more volunteers to work for our Club. You are the eyes & ears (and mouth) to keep us alive. If you want to go in a different direction, step forward. (It is just a hobby but, we hope, it is your hobby.)

11. Future meetings: (Now, all at Fort Douglas Museum )

a. 27 Sept 2012 ( 7 P.M. [1900 hours])

b. 13 Oct 2012 ( 10 A.M. [1000 hours])

c. No Nov 2012 meeting

d. 1 or 8 Dec 2012 (time to be decided – your info is needed)

e. 30 Jan 2013 (1900 hours)

f. 27 Feb 2013 (1900 hours)

g. We need your input for meeting topics – suggestions? How about a topic you could give?

12. 30 Aug.2012 ended about 2000 hours ( 8 P.M. ) Several members stayed and talked. Oh yes, Ceasar was late but he was here – he got some free stuff. Please make it even if you are a little late as we would like to see you also.