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December 2012

THE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Well the world did not end on December 21st and so we have made it to 2013. I hope you have made good New Year’s resolutions and at least are complying with them. As you might or might not be aware, our Christmas party was a bust and we canceled. There were a multiple problems that complied and the stinky stuff hit the rotating air movement device (S#*% hit the fan) the week prior to the scheduled event. So it was decided, on short notice, to cancel. I hope everybody got the word as we sent emails and called people. Anyway, this coming year, I think it would be best to go back to the idea of holding it at a restaurant and then few or many can attend and we are not concerned, as much, about the numbers.

Our next meeting, January 31st, I believe that the Fort Douglas folks want to talk with us about the upcoming year and how things are going to work now that Ephriam is gone. Then February 28th, we have a presentation by Ron Powell on uniform and equipment, I think. We do need a volunteer for March for something. Maybe if we do not get a volunteer, then we can hold a thong swimming suit competition amongst the group. If that does not scare enough someone to come up with something else, I do not know what would.

The good news is that Pete Bave’s WC52 is now owned by a friend of Pete’s and of mine, Dave Barber, who is interested in joining the club. Dave is also very active in the Utah Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and a retired Army pilot. He is looking for a WWII trailer to pull behind his WC52. So if you know of one, let him know. That reminds me; if you are a current UMVC member and want to advertise something in this newsletter, let Bruce Morgan and Ron Powell know so that they can add it in our classifieds area.

Don’t forget about the welfare of our members and let us know if one is sick, afflicted or just needs help. And could everyone try to make sure any of our members that need one, has a ride to meetings.


Greg Brubaker President, Utah Military Vehicle Club

MINUTES FROM THE SECRETARY By Bruce Morgan 1. For contributions, editorials, or items for sale, contact Ron Powell at to get in the newsletter.

2. This will also be a time to early pay your dues ($15.00 per individual for the year of 2013). Our list of members’ names, addresses, phone #s, email, and vehicles owned; is requested for the Master List (which will only go to the officers) and what info (if any) will go on the General List (which will only be given to paid up members). You may also make individual requests. These Lists will be ready to paid up members in early 2013. You may mail your dues to George Spar. – please check the 2012 List for this info .

3. Our January 2013 meeting will be at 1900 hours (7 P.M.), on the 31st at the second building of the Fort Douglas Museum, east of the U of U. Dues may be paid there. Remember that meetings will be on the last Thursday of the month unless otherwise announced.

4. If you desire to have something in the newsletter or on our website (, you must get it to the editors within the first week of the new month.

5. Presentations for February: There will be a short discussion about military web gear and equipment. There will also be some helmets. If you want to bring yours and share in this, simply coordinate it Ron Powell.

6. Special For Sale Item: one “Auto Arms” GI .45 pistol for sale or trade for a .357 or .45 long colt revolver (no cowboy guns though). Comes with lockbox with 2 keys, manual, 500 rounds of ammo in a .30 cal ammo can, five magazines, 100 rounds of ammo still in original boxes, one GI web double magazine pouch with clips for the combat belt, and parts list. Gun is parkcanized and marked US Army. Will bring it to the January meeting. Make offer. This is for club members only.