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February 2013

Welcome to the February UMVC Newsletter. This is going to shorter than normal, but you probably will not complain. I do not know about you, but I am starting to get the early signs of spring fever. It should be an exciting year and I hope you participate when you can. This issue should now have a calendar that you can reference and start planning ahead for events.

Starting now, we also want our members to start recommending military vehicle businesses that you have had good experience with. The idea is that we want to promote those businesses and point our members to people that know how to handle older vehicles. If you want to recommend someone, let me know. I will contact them and see if it is OK and maybe get them to chip in something to our club.

Our next meeting, February 28th, we have a presentation by Ron Powell on uniform and equipment. March is time for our elections, but I think only a couple of positions are open this round. We will also try to have a presentation, but I do not have my notes with me from the last meeting and so I cannot remember what.

Don’t forget about our new classified area and also we want to add a recommended military vehicle business that you have had experience with and would recommend. Don’t forget about the welfare of our members and let us know if one is sick, afflicted or just needs help. And could everyone try to make sure any of our members that need one, has a ride to meetings.

Our spotlight this month is on club member Loic Anthian. He owns two GPWs and one German side car.

Loic was born in the French Colony of Morocco in the middle of the civil unrests, and is a former officer of the 3rd Hussard Cavalry Regiment, based in Pforzheim Germany in the early 80s. He graduated from BYU in Chemical Engineering in 1991, and worked for Kennecott Copper Refinery from 1994-2000. He is the previous owner of and Douglas Distribution. He sold both businesses in the spring of 2012 to Sprue Brothers in Missouri in order to build a new company. He is now developing the business “Field of Armor Tanks LLC” based in Murray, Utah. They manufacture 1/6 scale historically accurate military vehicles and are developing this business for the Radio Control and Gamer enthusiasts. They also develop suspension systems, motorization, turret rotation, gun elevation, smoke generation, engine sound, and ultimately paint ball firing and laser aiming designs! Loic also acted in the latest movie Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed. He was Jacques, who played a French Resistance fighter with his niece Emilie. Yes he did fire the bazooka against a Panzer III. He did not say if he scored a direct hit. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

This will also be a time to early pay your dues ($15.00 per individual for the year of 2013). Our list of members’ names, addresses, phone #s, email, and vehicles owned; is requested for the Master List (which will only go to the officers) and what info (if any) will go on the General List (which will only be given to paid up members). You may also make individual requests. These Lists will be ready to paid up members in early 2013. You may mail your dues to George Spar. – please check the 2012 List for this info .

2. If you desire to have something in the newsletter or on our website (, you must get it to the editors within the first week of the new month.

3. Presentations for February: There will be a short discussion about military web gear and helmets by Ron P. and Jimmy Z. Other months are open, so please step up and volunteer!

4. Volunteers: Ed Smith-Election Officer; Ruel Ipson-Special events coordinator

Reports of Officers:

a. Vice President Bob: I’m happy to report that Dirk Bahlman and Bill Abbott are both out of the hospital and doing well at home. I’ve been asked about my shoulder and I’m recovering nicely as well. If there are any members who are ill or need help, please let us know.

b. Treasurer George: Pay your dues now.

c. Secretary and Newsletter editor Ron: Elections for UMVC Officers will be in March with them taking charge in April. Please think about taking charge yourself. For editorials, contributions, or items for sale, contact ron powell at We want to showcase your vehicle! Contact me to get it in the newsletter.

d. Quartermaster Layne: the vehicle signs are being negotiated with the vendor. More to follow later.

e. Website Editor Mike: send changes or suggestions to us!


1985 M1008 with new BFG tires: $4000; 1985 M1009 with great tread on those tires, $4500. Also a 1972 M109A3 with spin on filter adapters for fuel and oil. This one has really good tires: $7500. Call Matt 801-824-2581.

LOOKING: Steve Bartkowski (P.O. Box 848, Bedford, IL 60499 – 708-430-5080) is looking for a short bed CCWK (two & half ton) and/or parts for same or the long bed type.

Ed Smith is looking for parts for his 1944 MB: fuel tank straps, tail light, trailer plug, combat rim, right air cleaner bracket. 801-673-2848.

Dave Barber is looking for a WC-52 front bumper, tailgate, and 3 combat wheels. Email him at

FOR SALE: member Ron Powell (801-243-6753) has two WW2 jeeps for sale; both are 1944 GPWs. They are projects but restorable. One runs, drives and stops. Most expensive one is $1700 but of course a club discount will be offered! Or trade for??