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April 2013

Welcome to the April UMVC Newsletter. I want to start off by thanking Bill Abbott for his years of service to the UMVC. For those of you who were not at the meeting, Bill surprised me and the rest of the group when he announced that he was resigning as a member of the board for our club. In his place, a new board member was elected to replace Bill and the vacancy made when Ephriam left us. I do want to thank him and all of you for your past, present, and future service that all of you provide to the club. As with any organization, the members make the group and without great support, the group would fail. Thanks to Bob, Ron, Ed, and Bruce, our newly elected/re-elected officers for stepping up to the plate.

We have some exciting events coming up. By the time you see this; I think Lodi should have started. The next big event for us is our Pony Express ride on 17-18 May. Let’s make it a well-attended event. Also, the Commemorative Air Force has a couple of events that they would like us to help support. I will work on the details and let you know more by next month.

Our next meeting, April 25th, we have George talking about military radios. Don’t forget about our new classified area and also we want to add a recommended military vehicle business that you have had experience with and would recommend. Don’t forget about the welfare of our members and let us know if one is sick, afflicted or just needs help. And could everyone try to make sure any of our members that need one, has a ride to meetings.

One last thing, we still have the matter of if we want the club to be associated with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). This is a heated issue with miss-information floating around about the pros and cons. So I would like to get a couple of volunteers (prefer at least one for and one against) to form a committee to gather the facts and be able to present them to the rest of the group so that we can make an educated decision. On that note, I would like to know how many MVPA members we already have in the group. One of the requirements for association is at least ten members to be MVPA members. So send me an email if you are a current MVPA member and or if you are willing to be on the committee to gather the facts. We need both MVPA and non-MVPA members to be on the committee.


Greg Brubaker

By Bruce Morgan

-The meeting began with a Welcome and acknowledgement of visitors. Our President Greg took charge.

-The March meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance given by Bob Pastor who also gave me a ride to the meeting. Thanks!

-Elections took place this month. Bob Boettcher was re-elected Vice President. Ron Powell was re-elected as Secretary/Newsletter Editor with Bruce Morgan in support of those roles. George Spargen was re-elected Treasurer. Lynne is still the UMVC Board of Directors leader while Bruce Morgan and Ed Smith were added. Bill Abbott stepped down as director and was given our thanks publicly for a job well done.

-The Hogle Zoo has asked us for vehicles to support the Hogle Zoo Military Appreciation Day. Does anyone want to help? Details to follow at the next meeting.

- on 27 May is the Memorial Day Event (Fort Douglas Cemetery Memorial Day Program). Military vehicles have been requested for this.

-15 June Fort Douglas Day. Military vehicles have been requested for a static display. -Several opportunities exist on the 4th of July for vehicles. 1. Provo, 2. Morgan Airfield(town of Mountain Green). 3. 17th of August Stockton Utah Parade.

-One of our members indicated that the Car Show in Magna was a great time when military vehicles are there! Prizes were awarded.

-The Fort Douglas Museum has asked for volunteers in the restoration of their vehicles. They give us a venue for our meetings. Who can help them out?

-How can WE ALL help to reactivate former members? Let’s reach out to them

1. If you desire to have something in the newsletter or on our website (, you must get it to the editors within the first week of the new month.

2. Presentation for April: George Spargen will discuss Military 2 Way radios. For editorials, contributions, or items for sale, contact ron powell at We want to showcase your vehicle! Contact me to get it in the newsletter.

Reports of Officers:

a. Vice President Bob: Please help our non driving members get to meetings!

b. Treasurer George: Our books are balanced for this year.

c. Quartermaster Layne: could not attend this month. Hope to report next month.

d. Website Editor Mike: standing by to update the website with your vehicle!


1985 M1008 with new BFG tires: $4000; 1985 M1009 with great tread on those tires, $4500. Also a 1972 M109A3 with spin on filter adapters for fuel and oil. This one has really good tires: $7500. Call Matt 801-824-2581.


Steve Bartkowski (P.O. Box 848, Bedford, IL 60499 – 708-430-5080) is looking for a short bed CCWK (two & half ton) and/or parts for same or the long bed type. Ed Smith is looking for parts for his 1944 MB: fuel tank straps, tail light, trailer plug, combat rim, right air cleaner bracket. 801-673-2848.

Dave Barber is looking for a WC-52 front bumper, tailgate, and 3 combat wheels. Email him at


Our Annual Pony Express Trail camping trip is being planned now for the 17-18 May timeframe. We have determined that a military vehicle is required this year (no civilian rides, sorry!). The plan is simple: drive out a way, camp, and return back the same way. Bring your camping gear with you and be self sufficient. Parking for tow vehicles will be in Tooele. Ron P. has a cul de sac that can fit 4 tow vehicles with trailers. They will be watched closely for security. The details will be hatched out at the April Club Meeting!