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May 2013

President’s message – by Greg Brubaker.

Welcome to the May UMVC Newsletter. I want to start this message off with thanking Ron Powell for this most excellent newsletter. Our last meeting he was beat up for some miscommunications and apparent non-delivery of last month’s newsletter. If you did not get one last month or know of someone who is not getting one and should, Ron and I need to know. Ron does an excellent job on this thing and so I think if there are problems, just let us know instead of jumping to conclusions.

Now for events, I hope many of you are planning on the overnight campout organized by George on the 17-18 May. I was planning on attending myself, but work is getting in the way so I will not be able. Please try to attend. The 18th of May we are also invited to Morgan Airport for an Armed Forces celebration. I have attended a couple of years now and have enjoyed it and was able to meet some WWII vets. One drove a Jeep with a 50 cal. during the Battle of the Bulge. After that, we have the Idaho Military Vehicle Exhibit and swap meet at Fruitland, Idaho on 6-8 June. Then on 15 June we have Fort Douglas Day. We need to have an excellent showing for Fort Douglas Day. I do not know if you realize it, but to find a meeting place that allows us to do what we want such as showing firearms, is almost impossible. If you can find such a place it costs at a bare minimum of $50 per month. So I think of our attendance and support of Fort Douglas as a payment for our meeting place.

Our next meeting is on 30 May. Bob from Fort Douglas has asked to talk about Fort Douglas Day. Our presentation is on 22 cal. rifle trainers of WWII by Ed Smith. June’s presentation is on how to tune up your vehicle with standard tools in the field. Don’t forget about our new classified area and also we want to add a recommended military vehicle business that you have had experience with and would recommend. Don’t forget about the welfare of our members and let us know if one is sick, afflicted or just needs help. And could everyone try to make sure any of our members that need one, has a ride to meetings.

One last thing as I mentioned last newsletter, we still have the matter of if we want the club to be associated with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). This is a heated issue with miss-information floating around about the pros and cons. So I still am looking for a couple of volunteers (prefer at least one for and one against) to form a committee to gather the facts and be able to present them to the rest of the group so that we can make an educated decision. On that note, I would like to know how many MVPA members we already have in the group. So send me an email if you are a current MVPA member and or if you are willing to be on the committee to gather the facts. We need both MVPA and non-MVPA members to be on the committee.

What’s new and exciting? – by Ron Powell

1. If you desire to be on the website (, simply send us your photo and information at any time! We’re making this easy!

2. For editorials, contributions, or items for sale, contact Ron at We want to showcase your vehicle! Contact me to get it in the newsletter.

3. Presentation for May: .22 cal rifle trainers in WW2 by Ed Smith; for June: how to tune up your MV. Great job last month George Spar. on Vietnam 2 way radios!

Club Minutes: By Bruce Morgan

- Meeting was begun by the President with an introduction of a visitor, Lt. Weese. (See upcoming events last page of this newsletter).

- It was voted not to read the minutes from the last meeting or the pledge of allegiance this time.

- Greg reported on the Nellis Air Force Base (Nevada) Threat Museum trip.

-George S. and new member Pete P. reported on Lodi Calif and they got 5 WC52 combat wheels!

- If anyone does not get the newsletter, they must contact the editor, Ron P to get this corrected.

- It was mentioned that Dirk and Caesar were unable to attend because of illness. Can any club members check in on them?

-The FTDO museum is asking for help restoring their WW2 1 ½ ton Chevy. Can anyone help?

-Local car show info can be had at

-Should we combine the Master and General list? Respond to Bruce at (801) 966-2031;

From the Executive – Reports of Officers:

a. Vice President Bob: had a discussion with officials from the Salt Lake City V.A. Hospital. They are always looking for volunteers who can assist and talk with veterans there. To volunteer, simply check in at the front desk or call the V.A. to see what you can do to help.

b. Treasurer George: Our books are balanced for this year.

c. Quartermaster Layne: No report at this time.

d. Website Editor Mike: send changes or suggestions to us!


Member Mike Hart is a certified mechanic and knows military vehicles very well. if you need mechanic work done, give him a call at 435-241-1048.

FOR SALE: 1943 BYF 98K Mauser, .308 Israel barrel $500;

1942 BYF 98K Mauser, 8 mm, good to very good: $500; 1944 Yugo 98K with German proofs on some of the parts, and sight hood: $500. He also has 3 M1 Garands for sale but prices not listed. Contact George Jessop at 801-250-3111.

WANTED: 6 military #2HN dry source batteries. Contact Elwood Powell 801-499-9763 or

Upcoming Events!!

-18 May: 10th Armed Forces Day Concert at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake. Lt. Col (Retired) McLean ( asked for a couple of nice military vehicles to show outside. They offered a table and chairs to the UMVC. Please put a drip pan under your MV though!

-8th of June will be a Military (?) Car Show in the City of Layton . Contact: (801) 644-0903 for more information.

-6 – 8th June will be the Idaho Military Vehicle Swap Meet. George Spar. is going.

-8th of June will be the “Sounds of Freedom” at Layton Commons Park , Layton , Utah; (about one mile north of the Hill AFB South Gate – near the Surf & Swim). Lt. Weese 801) 645-1919, has asked for some vehicles as the cost cutbacks have stopped our Military from supplying display items or Air Shows. There is no entry fee. He has asked the vehicles be in place at 0800 hours. The show will begin at 1100 hours to 1700 hours.

-15th of June will be the Fort Douglas Museum Day. Beau Burgess, bburgress@ is our contact. Several reenactment groups will be there and our UMVC has been asked if we can supply some vehicles for the day with their owners. Weapons are okay. Please plan to arrive at 8 a.m. Parking for your tow vehicle will be available.

-4th of July will be a Parade in Provo. You must have your military vehicle ready to go on the parade line no later than 0700 hours as the roads will be closed for a run. The start of the Parade will begin from the BYU parking lot (0900 hours) at 1060 North University Avenue . Tow vehicles/trailers may be left in that parking lot.

-4th of July will be a Parade at Mountain Green (out by Morgan Airfield) and the town has asked for military vehicles. No contact info was available so ask at the next meeting.